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How to enhance the quality of professional Canvas Printing


Printing companies usually offer a wide range of options for creating hard copies of designs and graphics in a variety of sizes. Large format printing allowed customers to go beyond traditional cards for paper-based printing. Canvas printing is the most preferred medium for creating large prints with vibrant colours. There are other options as well like scrim banners, vinyl banners, adhesive back posters, high gloss or semi-gloss posters, depending on the purpose of the print. But Canvas prints are the most preferred out of all because of their quality and flexibility.

Right from the designing phase, there are numerous ways in which Canvas prints can be customized as per the liking and utility of the client. The following are some of the ways that can be used to enhance the quality of performance printing.

Various types of textures can be obtained using Canvas print

Artist canvases are available in various types of textures and finish that can be selected according to customer requirements. The inherent character of canvases uplifts the quality of the design.

Canvas prints allow creating prints that represent traditional art

The texture helps in creating the same look and feel with reproduction prints. Canvas prints are one of the most suitable ways of developing artwork replicas. These prints are also suitable for developing in large group photos and large portraits. Printing companies now use this technology for producing exact imitations of original artworks. Since Canvas prints do not have glare like traditional oil pens, it allows the viewers to gain a better view of the picture without straining their eyes.

Canvas prints of agreed flexibility and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes

It is the best way of increasing the viewers using a vibrantly coloured print that adds a different dimension to every corner where it is placed. Canvas prints are developed using UV protected archival inks that are fade-resistant and last much longer than traditional paintings in both indoor and outdoor conditions. However, printing companies recommend keeping the canvases in indoor conditions for extended life.

Canvas prints are much more durable but can be damaged by water or excessive dust

Since the medium of painting is Canvas maintenance should be done so that it lasts longer than usual. Keep the prints dust-free as much as possible because the accumulation of dust over the canvases will eventually dull the print. Avoid exposure to long hours of direct sunlight or water.

Canvas prints can be availed with a 2-inch border 

Canvas prints are available with a 2-inch border that allows for stitching and mountain at the time of framing. Some printing agencies ostrich and mountain canvases there are times, but it is not a good practice especially during shipping. Stretched Canvas can easily get damaged during the shipping procedure; it is advised to transport them rolled up. Fixing a damaged is open quite a difficult task and can take a significant amount of time and money.

Canvas prints are undoubtedly the most eye-catching piece for displaying artworks, designs, and photographs. Printed canvases instantly transform the appearance of a place from the moment they are put up on the wall.

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