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SEO Checklist for a New Website


Developing a new website from scratch is truly intimidating as it demands for technical know-how and time consuming too. A dedicated team of developers work tirelessly for hours to look out for the issues popping up within the new website. As the ground work is completed successfully, the SEO experts check out for the minimum SEO requirements for your website. With Best SEO Services in India the experts ensure to meet the SEO requirements perfectly to help your business website rank organically higher on SERPs.

Experienced Digital Marketing Agency is well versed with industry’s best SEO practice guidelines. They integrate the best SEO features and software capabilities in your website so that Google can index your site and rank it high on search results. Below you will come across with functional SEO requirements for a New Website which are worth considering.

Customize Control of Meta Descriptions and Page Titles

Each Meta Description and Page Title must be unique and also relevant to the page they are representing. The rule based auto page title and Meta description generation is fine and it is the effective method to deal large sites when it is configured precisely. But for advanced SEO the website must allow webmaster to customize the Meta description and page titles on every page. The ability to customize these sections can help test the strategies for improvisation of Click-through-Rates from the organic search and this can boost the rankings significantly.

Site Speed

The speed of the website is the crucial ranking factor and all new websites that are developed recently must fulfil this SEO requirement to rank higher on SERPs.

  • The server response time must be greater than 500ms
  • Server supports file compression and browser caching
  • It supports minification of CSS and JS

Must Support Mobile-Friendly Range of View Features

No matter, whether or not you opt for a mobile first mindset, but being mobile friendly is quite crucial these days and there are two crucial elements that must be considered for a mobile friendly website.

  • Content of your site must fit within range of view
  • Pages specify the range of view that match the size of accessing device

In general, the platform that supports the responsive website is easiest method to meet these ranges of view requirements.

Must Support Canonical Tags on All Pages

This is another crucial SEO requirement for your new website that most of the developers overlook. You need to ensure that your website supports canonical tags. Since canonicals enable website owners to remove the duplicate or low quality content from the website which others have produced, it helps the owners to stimulate the SEO prowess of those web pages. This is important from SEO point of view.

Crawling & Indexing

All the SEO Checklist for New Websites in this section is mainly focused at making crawling and indexing process of search engines smoother. Being the website owner you want search engines to learn about your website quickly. To make this possible there are two effective methods.

  • Robots Directives – Robot Directives enable webmasters to choose how crawlers must treat the page. The popular directives used today are no-index and no-follow directives. You can make use of Meta Tags in the head section of the page to define the process to robots directives. It can also be done via X-Robots-Tag in HTTP header
  • Canonical URLs – Canonical URLs actually inform the search engines that it must consider one page over other similar pages. But the Canonical URLs must be self-referencing that can tell search engines that it is the right option for indexing.

Hosted on Dedicated IP

Websites hosted with hundreds and dozens of other websites usually hurt the site performance and hence it must be avoided. It is fine to share the IP with developers.

Customizable Menu

Any business website must focus on including specific pages in their primary navigation. All ecommerce websites must provide the ability to link to sub-categories from more than one section of navigation rather than simply relying on category hierarchy to generate navigation menu automatically.

  • Navigation must be offered in the plain and simple HTML text
  • Anchor Text used on the navigation must be customizable outside the page names

So, contact the best experienced seo company in Gurgaon to get reliable SEO for your newly launched website.


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