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How can different types of companies benefit from cloud services?


Could services has transformed from one-size-fits-all solution to impacting businesses around the world, within all industries and sizes. Cloud has taken over the world with the incredible amount of benefits that it provides to everyone. The reason why many companies are not taking advantage of this technology is because they simply have low understanding of what it actually does. Simply put, cloud computing is a place where all the data files can be stored safely and easily accessed by anyone at any time no matter their location. Outside of cloud computing, cloud services such as VoIP (Voice over IP) offer the same benefits as you can make calls literally from anywhere and on any device as long as you have internet connection. Let’s see some companies that benefit from these services.

Digital Marketing Companies

Digital marketing or most commonly known as internet marketing, are one of the IT sector businesses that can benefit from cloud services in many ways. Within these companies, marketing experts often work on important audits and reports which are created to show their clients the improvements in their online brand. These reports are extremely important and can contain sensitive information which should not be accessed by outside parties. Could you imagine a competitor being able to view a digital marketing strategy before it is even implemented? This is where cloud security comes into play. Being able to store all your sensitive client information on remote servers or locations can provide you a higher level of security. Cloud service providers are often advertised as the highest level of data security compared to your standard business server room. Their teams work around the clock to prevent any unwanted access to sensitive data kept on their servers and not to mention that the physical access to these servers is restricted to only trained personnel. This means that less people know and can access your data and incase of such incident, the cloud company can track down the “invader”.

Being a digital marketing company, chances that you offer web hosting and server hosting is probably close to 100%. Websites are always stored in servers and having that extra layer of protection that the cloud company offers is extremely important. In case of remote attacks against these servers, they can be prevented quicker with trained professionals rather than your local server room. Another benefit is that you will have 24/7 access to your files and data from remote locations such as your home office or even when you are outside of working hours.

Global Corporations

Everyone has seen at least a single movie where a 3rd party has literally walked in a global corporation office and has hacked their server. Whether it is to steal valuable information or manipulate it, these things actually happen in real life as well. For global corporations the most important aspect is often security. As we mentioned earlier, accessing corporate data can be limited simply by removing the physical factor. With cloud you are able to control which of your trusted employees can access sensitive data. Looking over the security factor, global corporations usually have multi-national offices. Cloud allows for each office to stay in touch with the rest and can share information whenever needed. Global corporation can also save money just by negating the need of a physical location being opened. As workers can access the data through any type of mobile device, the need for a branch office is exterminated. Another feature which is extremely beneficial in setting up meetings is also VoIP technology. Cloud allows you to join any conference meeting without having to be physically there. This can save a lot more money due to the fact that workers don’t have to travel across the globe to attend important meeting.  In today’s era, there is almost no corporation around the globe that does not have some sort of cloud technology implemented.

Accountant firms

Accountancies are the top firms that have a need of the cloud technology. Having some sort of cloud technology often allows clients to upload financial information where accountants can access them whenever needed. This eliminates the physical delivery of probably sensitive documents to the actual office of the accountant. You save the trouble of losing an important document simply by uploading it online. As many industries require financial statements, this also makes it easier for the client to download a copy of any financial document that might be currently in the accountant possession. One current feature is the ability to scan receipts on the go and send them to your accountant by using a cloud based platform. Cloud here does not only provide you security and saves you money but also your valuable time is not wasted by avoiding physical meetings with your accountant.

Despite the type of business or industry cloud has many benefits. Whether you need a higher level of security or simply ease of access, cloud solutions are there for you. Take the next step into the technological era and see if your business can benefit from cloud.

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