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Here is why virtual learning can never completely replace traditional classrooms

Teaching style has always been in a classroom setting pattern which is more effective and efficient. It is very important to lead, instruct and engage students in any type of classroom setting. The way of teaching has changed a lot since the outbreak of COVID-19. Online learning has taken the place of traditional learning but it can never replace the actual essence of the traditional classroom. Nature is not completely real.

Why virtual learning can never completely replace traditional classrooms

The learning atmosphere

Students who go to school and universities tend to learn more from the environment as compared to online classes. They are very effective and efficient in their own way of learning in the best way. Offline classes teach moral values, academics, and other relevant skills. They are more active than online students.

Online teaching is more or less good when there are proper patterns and rules followed by the students and the teachers. They are more likely to miss classes or do not attend as per their wish which is why virtual learning never replaces traditional classrooms. One to one interaction with students and teachers goes missing in the online platform. They do not pay attention to the class and then score bad grades in subjects.

Why virtual learning never replaces traditional classrooms.

Cheating has higher chances of occurring

The possibility of cheating is now considered an online education trend amongst students. This happens because they switch off the camera while the class is going on. The speed of the net is not always the same in remote areas which is the most obvious reason students do not like online classes. Traditional classes are very real as they provide regularly checked notebooks, sports activities, and other skills required to build a good student. When parents are paying for the teaching it is important to check what their children are studying and whether they are able to grow every single day.

One of the best virtual learning assistants for parents who like online teaching

Mcgraw Hill is a math company and a big educational publisher. The company provides educational content, software, and services for students. It also provides trade publications for medical, business, and professions. It divested and got acquired by Apollo Global Management in March 2013. It provides digital products as well as traditional print products. This platform allows personalized learning that takes each and every student’s skill level and uses data on how to progress through lessons most effectively.

Based on the demand for classroom technology, Hill offers digital products as well as print products. . The company provides educational content, software, and services for students. It also provides trade publications for medical, business, and professions. This platform allows personalized online learning in the best way that takes each and every student’s skill level and uses data on how to progress through lessons most effectively. It also provides face to face interactions and student-to-teacher interactions.

There are over 11 million users on so many products in higher education and digital formats. It operates in 28 countries and has more than 5000 employees across the world. The country of origin is the United States. It also sells children’s publication units. It announced the sale of business holdings to Canadian publishing holders. The company has become the main distributor for mathematics. This company is very well known for a long time. However it says that it is not trying to make virtual learning replace traditional classroom learning in any way.

Best virtual learning assistants for parents who like online teaching

For both men and women to understand every aspect of life education is important. Today the criteria and the theme of education are entirely different from earlier. With respect to the present situation, online classes have come into effect which no one has ever thought of.  The advanced technology of teaching through the internet has various advantages, but can online learning replace traditional education? Firstly both the students and professors are comfortable at their own place during the online class. There is no need to wear formal clothes, they can easily wear whatever they want.

Secondly, an online class is now one of the biggest online educational trends for students to save time and money which they had to spend on traveling. Most of the students and teachers go in the early morning without having breakfast because they do not have time.  students can revise the topics as many times as possible. They do not have to depend on anyone.

Bloom’s taxonomy

There are so many ways by which students get an education.  A stimulation of thoughts encourages mental growth. Various questions are needed in order to acquire different levels of thinking.  Bloom’s Taxonomy has six major categories that human thinking skills are broadly classified into:

  • Knowledge: Knowledge refers to the ability to remember any information that was previously acquired.
  • Comprehension: The ability to be able to extract inferences from any informational material available to a person.
  • Application: It enables putting one’s prior understanding to practical use by implementing the acquired information in real-life scenarios.
  • Analysis: It refers to breaking information into valuable data packets such that some meaningful inference can be made out of them.
  • Synthesis: Students can be encouraged to observe a pattern in their findings and then synthesize it into meaningful inferences.
  • Evaluation: The ability to judge one’s work based on a pre-defined set of criteria, without classifying any answers as correct or incorrect.
Biggest online educational trends for students to save time and money

Different classroom techniques

There are different classroom techniques and classroom assessment techniques to teach and encourage a student. Classroom assessment techniques are higher as compared to single tests. It is easy to understand student capabilities like skills, weaknesses, strengths, and other parameters. The benefit is obtaining feedback in taking improvement leaps. The bond between tutor and student develops with the understanding between student and tutor. It also helps the teacher to judge students better on grounds of knowledge capture capabilities. The different techniques are mentioned below have a look at them.

Different techniques are:

  • Diagnostic
  • Formative
  • Summative

The output of assessments is:

  • Use of data
  • Feedback

Problems with hiring teachers

Hiring a teacher is very important as they play a vital role in educating the upcoming generations. A teacher should have all the qualities that are required for bringing the best out of the students.

Nowadays hiring a teacher is quite difficult as the education system is getting digitized and in the era of online teaching, most of the teachers do not possess the ability to take classes on online platforms. Every teacher has certain features that are required for teaching. Most of the teachers lack good quality skills to teach in high schools. In this pandemic situation, it is becoming very difficult to find a good teacher.


A real classroom with students and teachers interacting with each other and sharing knowledge is the only environment where students receive the best training and instructions. The environment plays an important role in making the classroom. Online teaching has made students lazy as they do not have to travel from one place to another.

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