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Here is Why China is Your Best Option for Importing LED Lights


If you are thinking of importing lights, LED lights to be specific, China maybe your best option. Being the largest manufacturer and exporter of lights, China is in the lead when it comes to most products. The reason why this particular country became the largest exporters in the world was their sheer dedication and hard work.

The mass manufacturing made them the pioneers in the world and in 2019 alone, their exports amounted to $2.641 trillion. Known as “the world’s factory”, the biggest brands in the world have set up their factories in China in order to cut down their costs and increase efficiency. When it comes to importing lights and everything related to it, you can choose the country that guarantees production at lower rates – China.

Starting an LED Light Import Business

Starting an LED light import business is not an easy job. Research is the first and foremost thing you need to do to get started. China has an established LED lighting industry chain that you can use for your business. All lighting materials are also easily available there including all kinds of lighting sources and housing profiles. They are currently exporting to business individuals all over the world so being a buyer may be new to you; it certainly is not for them.

Look for the right supplier

Before you begin your business journey, you need to clear all your confusions. Hunting the right supplier is the most challenging. Since the market is saturated with these suppliers, you will have to filter for the right ones. Usually, suppliers from China will give you a price that is about 50% cheaper than the rest of the world. This should give you the necessary start needed.

Look for the right products

Next on the list is understanding the kind of product you need. The Chinese market is full of different kinds of lights including LED lights, lamps, holiday lights, street lights, emergency lights, fog lights, stage lights, and garden lights.

Usually, you can find variations in these lights for LED and normal bulbs. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the type of light with its variations. LED lights are in high demand around the world as they are better when it comes to their life and the price. They are cheaper, come in different colors, and last long.

Look for the right delivery channels

You will also need to look for a supplier who has an already set channel for delivery to your country so it is cheaper for you to receive the delivery. Do your research thoroughly so you are not in a shock when the import duties and other charges hit you. Every country deals with imports differently, so make sure how much you will be charged when your shipment reaches the port.

Look for a high-quality supplier

As mentioned before, there are so many suppliers that you can easily get confused. Every supplier will want to sell their products, but you need to see which supplier is beneficial for your business setup. Anyone who fits the profile of giving you the lowest delivery rates is the one you must choose. Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the supplier.

You can figure this out by looking at their online reviews and testimonials. A general rule of thumb is to look at the number of orders from a certain supplier. The higher the number, the better the supplier is. A high number does not mean that the supplier has that many customers, but it means that satisfied customers have ordered multiple times. A buyer only goes back to a seller when he or she is satisfied with the first order.

Look for minimum damage & maximum safety for products

Importing goods from an overseas country can often be a hassle. The costs would not matter if your order were not shipped safely. You need to see how the supplier ships your order and make sure you ask about the packaging. It happens more often than mentioned, that goods reach the designated country in bits and pieces. You can also look for goods insurance, which is often offered by the vendor himself. You can contact your bank to ask for more details since it is a good idea to stay safe.

Benefits of Importing Lights from China

Higher Manpower

China has become the pioneer of exporting goods since 2009 because of its higher number of workforce. You can find the most competitive prices when you import LED lights from China. Shinelong is one of the best suppliers where you can place a big order without worrying about the quality of your order. They deal in all kinds of lighting options for all your lighting needs.

When we talk about the production of these LED lights and meeting bulk orders, you can always rely on China’s capability to meet them. Having a higher workforce that is efficient, you can place large orders easily. There is a minimum number of orders you need to meet while placing an order. Since they work for bulk orders, you cannot place an order unless it is in hundreds. This is the best way to save money when placing orders in China.

The higher number of labor helps them meet the needs of the locals as well as meeting their targets. You will be helping the workforce while getting your orders fulfilled. The best thing about the entire process is that the quality does not waver, no matter how large your order is. This ensures your peace of mind that your order will be shipped in a timely manner without the fear of losing quality.

Cheaper Rates

Given the competitive nature of the business industry in China, their exports are very high making them the best business partners across the globe. This is the main reason why you can find such cheap rates from many Chinese manufacturers. Once you start your research on the suppliers, you will notice how easily you can find one that fulfills your orders and gets you the best prices possible.

These prices will usually include all manufacturing charges, labor charges, raw materials, and shipping costs. However, you can also negotiate on these prices as the suppliers are always open to negotiate. For them, it is all about making good business relationships. You can also look for discounts and the Black Friday Sales every year in China is a big one. when you place an order during the holiday season, you can save a lot more money.

Faster Processing

Given the big setups, China manufacturers have, you can rest assured that your order will be processed really fast. Starting at the point of placing the order, to order confirmation and delivery, you will receive your order in no time.

Where manufacturers in other parts of the country take more time, China takes half that time. Their business setups are huge and do not any additional setups. Their labor is already hired with the machinery ready to get started. As for their shipment methods and delivery, the lines are already set. They will either send your order by air or by sea. Either way, they have set delivery methods, and given their years of experience, they will give you an estimated time of delivery.

Usually, you can claim the supplier if there is a delay in the delivery or something else goes wrong. The supplier will stay in touch with you and give you security until you receive the order. A feedback form will also be given to you that you can fill once you are satisfied with your order and the process.

ShineLong LED Manufacturers

ShineLong is the leading LED manufacturers in China. They have over 20 years of manufacturing LED lights. Their clients are spread across the world and China included. The quality of lights you can find at Shine Long is the best in China. You can find all kinds of lights ranging for house fittings, factories and stores too.

Their aim to consistently improve the light technology and provide better lights that are both efficient and cheap. You can place your order easily and stay in touch with their customer services department. Here, you will not be disappointed since they have now gained international recognition. You can also rest assured that the prices are competitive from the rest of the LED lights manufacturers in China.

Moreover, at Shine Long, you will find innovative technology when it comes to the LED light solutions for any given setup. The state-of-the-art Research and Development department is always coming up with the latest improvement technology for all lighting needs. You can find lighting solutions and ideas for any building. Be a hospital, an office, or a residential building you can find it all here.

Individual housing lighting solutions are also something they work at. Outdoor security lights are also being manufactured which you can order to keep your home secured. If you are planning to import lights from China, speak to their representative first and then look for any other supplier. We are sure, you will not find anyone better in the market.

About the Author

Nat Huang is the Chief Marketing Officer for ShineLong, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED Triproof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.


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