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Facts Regarding Web Hosting and Ecommerce


Web Hosting and Ecommerce

Deciding to sign up for a hosting web package is an essential first step in building your online presence. It might be challenging to find the right plan that is both a perfect fit and highly efficient in running your website. You may have come across a slew of offers from several web hosts, each promising fast load times, tight security, guaranteed low rates, and a variety of other enticing features and advantages.

As a bonus, there may be some obscure technical language to experiment with because it sounds “reassuring enough.” So, let’s have a look at some of the facts regarding web hosting and e-commerce.

1. There are various forms of web hosting available

Knowing the differences between web hosting kinds might assist you in selecting the one that best meets your company’s demands.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting allows you to host your website on a single server that hosts several other websites. This signifies that you and the other users are sharing the same amount of resources. Small businesses and personal blogs will benefit the most from this.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of shared hosting that allows you to share a server with other clients. You do, however, now have your place and resources that are only available to you. This is a potential alternative for medium-sized firms looking to expand.

Cloud Hosting

Instead of storing your data on a single server, Cloud Hosting replicates it over a cluster of machines. If one of these servers experiences a problem, the other server can take over and keep the business running smoothly as a backup.

2. There is a limit to the concept of “infinite”

When it comes to selling their services, web hosting firms prefer to use the word “unlimited.” While the infinite offer is something you don’t want to miss out on, it isn’t entirely accurate in many cases.

When a web host offers limitless bandwidth or storage, it simply means that they will not monitor or manage your usage. However, the amount of data that can be transferred is still restricted. If you use more data than the amount given to you for the month, your site will slow down, and you may be required to pay a fine.

3. The ability to scale is critical

You must have a web hosting package that allows you to scale your b2b ecommerce solutions efficiently if you intend to expand your business online. Your web server should be able to withstand abrupt traffic increases as well as an inflow of transactions without experiencing any downtime.

It should also be capable of supporting plan upgrades without interfering with your online operations to minimize easy rest to a bare minimum. A dedicated virtual private server (VPS) would be an excellent alternative for this. You may add and administer many high-traffic websites thanks to the server’s versatile configuration.

Something will cause your website to crash in the future, whether it’s a sudden spike in traffic or a targeted hack. Prepare yourself. This is not ideal, but it is one of the dangers you will have to cope with.

Instead of focusing on uptime, look for a hosting web service that provides immediate technical and customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve difficulties as soon as they arise and minimize the impact of a complication.

4. A higher price may not imply a better deal

However, there is no assurance that a more expensive hosting plan would provide more excellent performance than one with a lower price tag. This holds for low-cost hosting alternatives as well. A less expensive option may work for you.

Instead of tinkering with different costs, start with a thorough assessment. What kind of hosting resources and features are you looking for? What kind of website do you have up and running?

These should assist you in selecting the most appropriate hosting package and b2c ecommerce development Company to fulfill your business requirements, regardless of price.

5. The location of data centers has an impact on the speed

While picking a web host, location is just as important as choosing a brick-and-mortar firm. A reputable web host maintains data centres worldwide to ensure that your visitors can access your site in a flash, no matter where they are in the world.

The closer your visitors are to a data center, the faster they will access your website, resulting in a better overall user experience for them. Take into consideration where the majority of your visitors are coming from. If, for example, the bulk of your clients are located in Australia, it may be worthwhile to investigate hosting firms located in that nation.

Global web-hosting providers, such as Crazy Domains, have many data centers located throughout the world to ensure that data is always available to their customers.

6. The backup feature is not available with all hosting services

When it comes to website management, a lot of things may go wrong. Data loss is the most well-known of these problems. In a matter of seconds, a cyber security compromise or a simple human error can completely wipe your website clean of all you’ve ever worked so hard to achieve.

Make sure that your web hosting package includes a website backup solution. This protects your data from corruption, unintentional deletion, and other dangers by ensuring that it is backed up regularly. This makes it simple to recover any lost files and material and limits the time systems are down.

7. No server is impenetrable to hackers

If you come across a hosting web package that claims to provide a “hack-proof” server environment, you should immediately quit. That’s a complete misrepresentation. Anything that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking, malware, and other cyber threats.

Choose an ecommerce development service that includes high-quality security protection. Install security services that assist in encrypting website data and detecting weaknesses in your system to defend yourself from future intrusions better and keep your data safe.


It is indisputable that web hosting has a substantial impact on the overall performance of your website. This is why you must learn everything you can about it to decide which plan is best for your company.

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Ankita C Behani - Financial and non-financial research and analysis

With over 10 years’ in experience in financial and non-financial research and analysis, Ankita C Behani moved on to set up IQecommerce, a leading platform in Canada which helps convert the businesses’ dreams of having an online store into reality. With her detailed research and unique insights, she helps clients visualize, create and enhance their online performance leading to full digital transformation. Ankita has successfully delivered numerous Ecommerce consulting and development projects for global clients and offered insightful digital marketing solutions. She is passionate about her work and loves to travel and shop.


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