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Gated Content- Your Gateway to Good B2B Leads!


Your Gateway to Good B2B Leads

Gated content is a strategy used by many B2B companies to give away good and meaningful content to get some good leads in exchange.

Gated content cannot be directly accessed and one can get it after exchanging some important information.

80% of B2B marketing assets are gated; as gated content is strategic to B2B lead generation companies.

It is important to know the significance of gated content if you are B2B enterprise and such a high level asset definitely deserves more than just a mention. Hence here is an article dedicated to this valuable asset that has the capacity to impact the quality of lead generation for B2B companies.

Gated content for any inbound practice is free; it is only made available against an exchange of information. The very reason for hiding content is to generate leads. When a user comes over to a website and is about to download an asset; it is will ask the visitor to fill up a form. This form is crucial information for the marketer to capture the lead.  A lead that is eager enough to download an asset could probably be a good lead.

So here are the typical advantages of gated content:

  • Increases your chances of capturing good leads
  • Enhances sales generated through leads
  • Let’s you know your customer better by giving you a chance to have better insights about the customer

Gated content intends to give you a better grip and more control over knowing your customers or to know more about your visitors. Gated content also has a downside to it such as having lesser SEO benefits, possibility of driving your prospect away from your website, no apparent brand visibility for your user that could otherwise have helped them to understand who you are, or having lesser page views or even depletion in traffic

Gated content must be used carefully when you have other strategies in place and you can still risk losing some visitors. However, it can prove to be beneficial to get a good lead, because someone who genuinely wants to know about the brand or needs content, and also needs some services might most probably exchange information with you.

So what are the examples of gated content that you can possibly deploy on to your website in the hope of getting some good leads?

Here is a quick glance at some of the best forms of gated content:


Quite popular amid visitors; an e-book is a guide that can give you some authentic information on a particular subject matter expertise. It can be in a form of shorter guide that can help build brand awareness and brand authority; making it a strong contender to be one of the best forms of gated content.


Another popular form of gated content- Whitepapers is an excellent form of gated content. It is a subject matter expertise in itself and can give the most authentic information about any topic that it is written about. Whitepapers are popular as they are highly trusted sources of excellent content and can help establish you as a thought leader. Gated content can be a great source of good leads as it can get more people to trust you and want to download your whitepaper information.


A webinar is another example of good gated content. It’s a great take-away for visitors who are willing to participate and interact with you. These kinds of activities help build trust and long term relationships. You can also nurture these leads who are interested or who register for the webinar. This is a form of gated content that can attract good leads too.


Content offers are very important throughout the buyers’ journey. It is important to have some good gated content being made available for your prospects for relationship building and lead nurturing process.

Author Bio:

Madhavi Vaidya
Madhavi is a Creative Content Writer with 8+ years of experience in B2B industry. As an experienced content writer, her objective is to add value to businesses through her unique content writing skills. She aims to establish a linguistic bridge between technology and the business world with her love for the written word. Besides writing content, she loves to paint and cook!


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