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The Development of Bluetooth Mouse


Science and technology are developing. As a result, many of our office supplies are being into wireless mode. It is much better than the previous period. At that time, lines bound us. In a series of wireless products, the most obvious change is that of the wireless mouse.

The Development of Bluetooth Mouse

We did not achieve the development of line mouse overnight either. In the early days, we used infrared receivers for signal transmission. At that time, there could be no obstacles between the wireless mouse and the receiver to communicate. After that, we experienced the 27 Mhz era. However, that transmission distance of such mouse signal is less than two meters. In addition, it needs dual-band communication to improve the signal interference. At that time, it was able to meet the basic needs of daily use. However, it is still a long way from replacing the wired mouse.

In the later period, the wireless mouse began to use 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology. This technology has stronger anti-interference capability, higher transmission rate, longer transmission distance and lower power consumption. It develops to now with the wireless mouse using Bluetooth technology. A few years ago, there was a 5.8 GHz wireless transmission product. But it soon disappeared from the market. In about the same time, another wireless mouse using WIFI connection appeared. This mouse does not require a receiver. However, this need you to install a virtual network card on your computer. Without it, your computers can’t access the Internet at the same time. At the same time, it has problems like high power consumption and easy signal interruption. It failed to develop later. The wireless mouse is on their way of solving problems like interference. At the same time, the performance of mouse products gets constant improvement. Years ago, mainstream mouse products had a DPI of less than 1,000. Now, we have seen products with a feedback rate of up to 18000 DPI and 3000 Hz. Wireless Mouse has high performance products with 16000 DPI and 1000 Hz feedback rate. It now has an anti-jamming capability equivalent to that of wired mouse. In other words, the performance of wireless mouse is no longer much weaker than wired mouse.

We have learned about the performance and anti-jamming power of wireless mouse. It is the time for the last problem: endurance.

The Development of Bluetooth Mouse

The wirelesses mouse now, to a large extent, uses two AAA batteries. Some may use 1 AA or 2 AA batteries. With the development of science and technology, the wireless mouse is more and more using lithium batteries. This will improve the short endurance of the wireless mouse soon.

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