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Ecom Warrior Academy: Reviews About Matthew Lepre


Maybe you have heard about Ecom Warrior Academy, a dropshipping course that promises to help you make thousands of dollars online.

And like other people, you might think of it as a scam. After all, it’s just too good to be true.

Well, the truth is, this mentoring program is 100% legit. Just look at these rave reviews about Matthew Lepre.

Ashwin: Made $140,000 in 4 Months

When you search for an Ecom Warrior Academy review, the first person you’ll probably see is Ashwin. And why not? He’s the poster boy of online success.

At just 15 years old, he managed to earn $140,000. What’s more surprising is that he earned it in a short four months.

Ashwin owes his successful run to the dropshipping business model, which is one of the many things he learned as an affiliate of Matthew Lepre.

Now, he’s enjoying his young life and traveling around the world while still earning a lot of money.

Christopher: On the Way to Earning A$104,000 With Ecom Warrior Academy

Like most of Stallon and Matt Lepre’s students, Christopher had his ups and downs. But that did not deter him from reaching the top.

Thanks to the mentorship program, he scaled his eCommerce store into something bigger and more profitable. For a month alone, he fulfilled 106 orders.

Like him, you can take advantage of this high demand by automating your dropshipping store.

You can learn more about this by signing up for Matthew Lepre’s online business courses. One of his modules focuses on shop automation, earning rave reviews about Matthew Lepre.

With this, you’ll get the hang of order fulfillment and tracking, customer service, and even closing your shop as needed.

Dominique: $3,000 Three Weeks After Opening Her eCommerce Business

Making money online can be tricky, especially if you don’t have someone to support you.

This is why you need to do a sales call with Matthew Lepre, just like Dominique did. His Ecom Warrior Academy program can help you become a successful seller. It’s not a scam like most training courses.

Matt’s program is specially designed for beginners like Dominique, who can’t seem to figure out what to do. His first module is about the Foundations for Success.

True to its name, this training chapter can help you develop the proper habits. It can also help you learn the ins and outs of the dropshipping business.

Apart from getting access to easy-to-follow videos, a customer like you can also:

  • Join the live chat area and ask as many questions as you want
  • Book a 15-minute session with Matthew Lepre and other coaches
  • Consult with experts regarding product research
  • Take part in the daily group mentoring sessions
  • Get unlimited email support

Andre: Matthew Lepre Helped Him Make $9,300

The drop shipping business model can be hard to follow. But Matt can help you build a Shopify website that sells like pancakes.

The proof for this is his affiliate, Andre. Because he didn’t invest in a dropshipping course right away, his business only earned a dismal $1,600.

He didn’t expect to earn $9,300 a few weeks after signing up for the workshop.

And while the training gave him access to a lot of insider tips, Matt’s module on shop building was the one that changed his life.

This chapter taught Andre how to:

  • Purchase the right domain
  • Have the suitable logo created
  • Set up a Shopify account
  • Customize your themes
  • Import products
  • Write engaging descriptions
  • Download the right marketing apps
  • Create social media pages
  • Open a Paypal account
  • Direct a marketing video

William: Doubled His Sales With Matthew Lepre’s Tips on Facebook Ads

Even if you have many products in your online store, you won’t make money if you don’t advertise your products the correct way.

This is just one of the many things William learned from the Ecom Warrior Academy program. It’s actually the focus of two modules—one on the Facebook Ads theory and the other on implementation.

Like most success stories, William made it possible by running the right campaign budget and choosing optimized ad sets.

These are not the only things you’ll learn from Matthew’s mentoring calls, though. You’ll also know more about:

  • Setting up a Facebook column
  • Writing effective copy
  • Following the right ad strategies
  • Strategizing Facebook engagement and conversion

Melanie: $12,000 Profit Two Weeks After Launching Her Website

In her Ecom Warrior Academy review, Melanie praised the training course and how it helped her make fast money.

After all, she already earned $12,000 just two weeks after launching her eCommerce platform. And like William, she attributes her profit to the power of marketing.

Her current focus is her ads, which, as mentioned, greatly help businesses like hers.

And just like the others before her, consulting with Matt Lepre has helped her with the right ad decisions. Now, she’s working on 381 orders and counting.

As you see in every Ecom Warrior Academy review, Matthew’s strategies work! So if you want to figure out the right way of doing dropshipping, this is the course for you.



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