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3 Most needed Home Appliances in 2021


Like every other technology-oriented invention, Humans are also dependent on the appliances they use in their house or office spaces. I am 26 right now and in my entire life till now I have never seen any urban house without the most basic home appliances. Even if I ask you to wonder if you wake up in the morning and there is no television, no washing machine, or no refrigerator to keep your eatery cool and healthy. The situation is going to freak you up. The point where I am getting to! In the 21st century, Appliances are one of the basic needs of humankind and with the advancements in technology and the availability of easy payment options, having these at home is no more a luxury but a necessity to live a convenient life.

In this article, I am going to write about the 3 most needed home appliances concerning any average Indian middle-class family and what problems these appliances resolve to help us live smooth and easy lives.

3 Most needed Home appliances in 2021

1. Washing Machines

According to my experience as a living bachelor, it is very crucial to have the best washing machine for maintaining hygiene and live a less hectic life. Earlier I used to get my laundry at a paid laundry house which was quite expensive or I used to do it myself manually at the beginning of my career which was disturbing my back and lead to spine issues later. Then, I realized having a washing machine is a lifesaver. I just bought an automatic washing machine for myself by using EMI options and life went easy after that. So I feel a washing machine is the most needed appliance as it resolves one of the biggest problems. I am using a Samsung’s front load washing machine with 6kg of Ideal capacity. It offers tremendous washing quality with the help of a diamond drum and wash cycles for almost every fabric type. If you are a hygiene savvy person, you can also utilize its auto-clean functionality to get notifications when cleaning is required and execute the Auto clean wash cycle. The price was near 20,000 INR, according to me, which was also not very expensive, it’s a basic range model with all enough programs and features you would require regularly.

2. Refrigerators

Are you from India or any other country with a varying range of high temperatures? If yes, you know the importance of refrigerators. From keeping the Vegetables & Fruits fresh to providing you chilled water. There is a bundle of options you can choose from when you buy online. Single Door and Double Door are the most common types among average middle-class Indian Families. I prefer whirlpool because when I used to live with my family, we had a single door whirlpool refrigerator and then when I moved out I was 22, I was living with a group of friends and we together bought a whirlpool double door model and I am very happy with the performance from last 4 years. Optimum features with high cooling and less energy consumption are the simple features we looked for and I must say I am extremely happy with all the performance metrics delivered by the whirlpool.

3. LED Television

I won’t say a TV is one of the topmost needed because most of us are active on the internet but with the integration of the setup box with OTT Platforms. The trend is coming back to the motion. People are buying bigger screens to make their weekends more engaging. This is the only mode of entertainment for many people during covid pandemic times. So I would personally recommend you to go with Xiaomi MI LED TVs, they are superb in terms of functionality and Resolution. You end up having all the OTT platforms and many other apps accessible on your TV and the best part is Xiaomi is very competent concerning the price. Therefore, if you are a TV lover. Close your eyes, trust me and Go with Xiaomi.


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