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Does part-time MBA have value?


Management has always been the most lucrative career in the field of business and going for an MBA degree in this field can help you land a prominent job position. The program has always been popular among business professionals and has long been considered a ladder to successfully attaining managerial roles.

Though as the educational landscape is changing with times, educational programs are also re-vamping as per the new norm. Part-time MBA in the present era is fast gaining a lot of attention and has emerged to be a practical way to attain managerial skills without putting in any full-time commitment. Even working students can opt for part time MBA easily without disturbing their schedule and this is just one of the perks of the part-time degree.

Why go for a part-time MBA?

The current U.K economy requires around 1.9 million managers which means with the right skills and educational qualification, you can make the most of this situation. Though, in several cases, many professionals are unsure about leaving work and pursuing a full-time program. At the same time, they are aware that without added learning, they will not be able to make the jump to higher job roles.

Part-time MBA is specially geared towards those working professionals who want to go ahead in their career path. Students can easily take classes after work and in most cases, the program is delivered online. Hence, you get to add to your present skills, build on your knowledge and also get to learn from industry experts without it impacting your personal or professional commitments.

The degree is highly prevalent and has a lot of value in the market provided you choose to study from an established institute. Employers also accept part-time degrees and give them the same recognition that full-time courses get. That’s not all, the benefits of a part-time MBA range from career growth to immediate returns on investment.

Benefits of part-time MBA  

Part-time MBA has a whole lot of benefits which adds to its global popularity:

  • Better earning potential– With a part-time MBA, you can apply for higher and more well-paying job roles. You also stand a better chance at promotion, which in turn, increases your salary package. The degree helps build up your expertise and updates you on the present business landscape, hence you become a complete expert in carrying out work operations.
  • Brings out your leader– Leadership is among the prime expertise that employers look for in a candidate. In a managerial role, you will be expected to undertake duties and make decisions that are important for the team and the company. Only a confident leader who is capable of undertaking such strenuous tasks will be able to sail ahead in their career and MBA prepares one for the same.
  • Build a network– In this age of a global market, having a strong network becomes all the more crucial for a business aspirant. A part-time MBA is a great place to come across many other professionals and increase your contacts in the corporate world. Along with this, you also get to share ideas and perspectives with experts from all walks of life which adds to your overall development.

A part-time MBA is a flexible way of learning that has the same outcome as a regular MBA. Providing enormous flexibility of learning, this program helps you go forward in the vast landscape of business.


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