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Digital Marketing 101 for Startups


data-driven digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing strategies provide incredible opportunities for ambitious startups. No matter what stage a startup is at, there’s always plenty that can be achieved with the help of a well thought-out, data-driven digital marketing campaign. 

Whether you’re a brand new startup hoping to raise awareness of a trailblazing product or service, or you’re looking for inspiring new ways to keep existing customers engaged and improve conversion rates, digital marketing could hold the answer. Take a look at some of our top digital marketing tips for new startups to see how your business could benefit. 

Get to know your audience 

Before embarking on any new digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to know who you’re talking to. So start by getting to know your audience. 

Research existing customers and learn as much as you can about the new markets you’re hoping to target. Create buyer personas and think carefully about how best to communicate with your intended audiences. In doing so, you’ll likely come up with some great new ideas on how to improve the experience for these personas, and original digital strategies will soon follow. 

Make Search Engine Marketing a priority

Make Search Engine Marketing a priority

Whether paid or organic, search engine marketing is a vital part of any startup’s growth strategy. No matter what product or service you’re looking to sell, you’ll need the help of the world’s biggest search engines on your side. 

Think about keywords for your company. Research competitors, and come up with a list of key search terms that customers might use to find your brand. Then, create a strategy designed to ensure that your website occupies the top spots for these search terms. 

This is of course no mean feat, particularly if your chosen search terms are popular. But it’s doable, once you know how or with the right agency. 

Set measurable targets

Too many startups dive straight into their first digital campaigns without set targets. This can make it difficult to measure how successful their efforts have really been. Avoid this by setting quantitative targets from day one. 

Decide what success would look like for your brand, and think about how you’ll measure this success both during and after your digital campaign. Remember, you don’t need to measure every single available metric. Choose a few that are particularly relevant and valuable to your company’s growth to keep things simple. 

Create the content you’d want to read

Create the content you’d want to read

Great content is key to many successful digital campaigns, so start planning and creating the content your audience really wants to see. From blogs and tutorials to behind-the-scenes videos and interviews from your HQ, the options for interesting content are endless. 

Inspire audiences and grow your followers by positioning your brand as an entertaining and engaging voice in your industry. Before long you’ll have a considerable number of followers hanging on your every word. That’ll send your engagement metrics skyrocketing, and key growth metrics like conversion rates won’t be far behind. 

Personalise interactions

Personalise interactions

Today’s customers expect a personalised experience when they interact with a brand online. Providing this won’t just make your brand look great, it’ll also have a dramatic effect on the overall success of your digital strategies. In other words, it’ll significantly improve your startup’s growth potential. 

Use the data you likely already have on hand to create personalised experiences for every shopper. By making the most of the capabilities of automated customer experience technology, you’ll be able to unlock the power of your customer data and use it to create more valuable experiences for buyers. 

Analyse results to learn as you go 

It’s all very well pouring everything you have into your digital strategies, but if you never take a moment to stop and see what’s working well, and what isn’t, then you could be limiting your potential. Avoid this by measuring the success of your campaigns regularly, using your chosen metrics to keep learning everything you can about your customers. 

Through careful analysis, you’ll soon see which of your digital strategies is having the biggest impact, and you’ll know exactly where to invest the majority of your time and money in future campaigns. Digital marketing provides endless opportunities to analyse and learn from your results, so make the most of them. 

Digital marketing strategies have an incredible ability to maximise the reach of a brand, helping to build brand awareness, strengthen reputations and ultimately grow a business. Find out more about how to use digital strategies to build your startup at

Author Bio:

Sam-Martin Ross- Managing Director of Digital Uncut

Sam-Martin Ross, Managing Director of Digital Uncut, the digital marketing agency for startups


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