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Data Scraping Proxies Are Changing The Business Intelligence Landscape


Business companies are using web scraping to get information about other competing companies to get an insight into the market status. It helps a business to make the right decision based on the extracted data.

While doing the scraping process, these companies tend to use proxies to hide their identity and to scrape effectively. Learn more about how data scraping proxies help businesses succeed.

Benefits of Using Proxies while Web Scraping

Using a proxy while web scrapping for business purposes will be the right decision for the company and its security. This must be done at a reasonable scale because troubleshooting the proxy can be a longer process than scraping the whole needed data.

Every device has its own IP address that connects the device to the internet to extract any information, and this address works as the device’s identity. If you are using a proxy, then the internet will get access to the IP address of the proxy and not the original IP address of the device. This way, the device’s identity can be kept safe from the internet or any particular website that you are trying to reach.

There are a few websites that have a crawling rate which limits the scrapers to make too many requests. They do this to control the traffic on their website, which can make their website slow down. But using a proxy will help the user to escape this because every time you send a request, it reaches the website from different IP addresses.

Why to Web Scrape with Proxies?

Using a proxy is like a shield, especially if you are in the business field. For instance, if you own a business making candles and you find your competitors are selling huge in other states. To find their marketing strategy and their popular selling candles, you will have to browse through their website. Using your real IP address can be risky or maybe shameful for many, instead of using a proxy will make your game easy.

But you can also go to the field and take a survey to know the needed information, which can be a lot of work and stressful. Hence sitting in a place and getting access to every single detail could be very easy and time-saving as well.

Why Should a Company Do Web Scraping?

One big question that arises is why your company should even do web scraping. The thing is, a business can be a very tricky and risk-taking process that needs a lot of background work to be done. To have proper progress of your company, one should do a lot of analysis to know who you are competing with and what they are strong at. This can be easily done by using web scraping and a proxy at the same time.

Read on some other benefits-


Search Engine Optimization works on increasing the website traffic, and if you scrape ethically, it will quickly direct you to the right content with the help of the keywords and information from various locations.

Protection of Brand

If you can scrape the web ethically, it will monitor a brand’s presence through which you can find the counterfeit product or Copywrite details online. If you work manually, it will take a lot of time to know if anyone has misused your brand or if your brand is losing. But in the case of proper web scraping, all these details can be found in minutes.

Generation of Leads

A business always needs a strong lead that can collect the needed data and lead the team to satisfy their clients. But if you properly web scrape, you can get all the needed information to critically analyze the business situation and the progress of the competitor whilst taking any sort of decision.

Other than these, the purpose of doing web scraping includes price monitoring, cybersecurity, email protection, and verification.

On the whole, web scraping is becoming one of the major necessities amongst companies to help with their company’s progress. Scraping the information with a proxy is a reliable way to collect huge data safely.


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