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Instagram Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business


Businesses are facing growing challenges to keep pace with changing market dynamics. However, Instagram is a sort after digital marketplace that can boost brand visibility and help your product stand out.

Long term success is possible with consistent Instagram advertising effort. Many attributes make Instagram the most in-demand marketplace. It provides an opportunity to target a huge customer base and flexibility in marketing the products.

Instagram Marketing Hacks

Creating Content that Drives Value

The statistics of daily active users (500 million per day) is enough of a reason to consider Instagram as a vital marketing source of any products or services. Companies can achieve huge brand recognition if they leverage the power of Instagram. Customers are more attracted to businesses that create effective brand awareness campaigns.

If you are planning to switch to Instagram Marketing tricks, the time could not have been better. Social media influencers are a great source of boosting brand visibility. Some of the best and proven Instagram Marketing tricks for 2021 are as follows:

Creating Content that Drives Value:

Instagram Marketing Hacks for growing business

Every social media marketing strategy begins with great and engaging content that connects with the buyer’s persona. Businesses need to figure out which makes their profile stand out from the rest of the competition.

The content should be posted in an attractive design along with generating value for readers. Just adding mere images for beautification would not make the desired impact on the target audience. A great example of excellent content strategy can be noted from Foundr magazine’s Instagram follower growth from 0 to 10000 in just two weeks. They posted inspiration quotes for their audience, which connected with them on a personal level.

 Hashtags and Social Media go hand in hand:

The Instagram ecosystem has a special place for hashtags in their algorithms. Hashtags make the content more visible whenever someone searches for similar content but could not find the page otherwise. There are tools such as Website, which helps ideate relevant hashtags based on your industry and bring more traction to the page. Instagram allows a maximum of thirty hashtags per post. But, most popular posts don’t use more than eleven hashtags per post.

Get more Followers:

In the case of a start-up looking for increasing Instagram followers, the best way is to gain traction from a competitor’s page. Stilling competitors’ audience is easier since they already follow content similar to yours. To make the best out of strategy, you can encourage your followers to like + share + comment.

Consistency in Engaging with Audience:

You must remain consistent in posting engaging and relevant content. Businesses often get frustrated when they don’t see the result they wish and consequently lose interest. This is the worst you can do when trying to grow your Instagram account.

As per a survey conducted by by analyzing Instagram profiles in 2015, it was concluded that pages posting at least two to three times a day were more successful in increasing their followers. The average Instagram account wasn’t unproductive and posted at least once a day to garner engagement.

 Create a Call-to-Action Button:

With every new post, you must encourage followers to take any desired action to help the business generate revenue. Sometimes getting followers to do what you can be as simple as asking them to do it. Some popular call to action for Instagram is asking the followers to double-tap on the image to comment below the content. This strategy is also beneficial for building an Instagram community and making people engage in the comment section and share their opinions.

Running Value-driven Contest:

Contest is a sort of Instagram marketing strategy that attracts eyeballs and makes the scrollers stop and see the post. A well-planned and executed content and increase the followers overnight with little effort. Irrespective of the contest you run on your post, the price for participation must be through liking, sharing or tagging a friend in the comment section.

Paying Followers for Shout Outs:

Instagram shoutout is when someone else mentions your account username in their account with a caption or image. It is very effective and one of the fastest ways of growing followers, and it helps attain a wider reach among the audience which would have otherwise not come in contact with your existence. To figure out relevant accounts appropriate for shoutouts, research the most active users in the industry and target the accounts that have strong engagement and similar audience base you are trying to target.

Fixing a time for Each post:

Businesses, especially the once, who are just starting, don’t have the best time to post from their Instagram account regularly and actively. Fixing a time for the post is critical for maintaining consistency and making enough time to focus on other key business areas. Tools such as Schedugram and Hootsuite help fix a posting schedule and ensure that the account has fresh content each day.

Engagement Automation:

Businesses often use mysterious ways such as using tools and software to increase likes, shares and followers on Instagram. Some tools would engage with relevant Instagram accounts and boost followers within a small time frame. However, they go against the protocols of the Instagram term of service and might result in permanent termination of the account. The good thing is, if the services of the tool are not exploited to boost the user base within a short period, your account is unlikely to get affected.


Instagram is an effective tool to build loyalty among millennials. It instils curiosity in customers who turn into buyers over time. Gaining traction from Instagram requires consistent effort but offers long term benefits.

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Ankit Thakor

Ankit thakor is a marketer by trade and a football player by passion. He is a Saas Marketing Specialist at SoftwareWorld. He specializes in using compelling content to capture consumer dollars for world-class SaaS brands, including Zoho, Freshworks, ClickUp, and more.

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