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Common SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is a well-proven digital marketing strategy to follow for achieving your marketing goals, including high-traffic, increased sales & leads, and higher-rankings. SEO is considered a magical term that offers the impeccable capability to turn your vision into reality. But it’s magic would only be recognizable if it is strategized or implemented successfully. Nowadays, in the hustle of becoming the next SEO guru, many marketers or experts fail to produce quality results and sometimes forget to follow the most basic SEO principles. You probably, get a clear idea of what we are going to discuss in this post. Yes, you get it right! This blog post is all about the common SEO mistakes that you may sometimes slip up.

Several do’s, and don’ts are associated with SEO that every marketer should keep in mind to maintain a grip on the overall SEO performance of their website. But at the same time, it is challenging as this digital marketing practice is considered a vast concept, equipped with several sub-concepts that one should know, especially when you’re running an online business or building a brand from the ground up.

Besides several SEO challenges, marketers always keep their confidence above and accept the challenges to achieve their SEO goals. But at the same time, it is essential to take care of common SEO mistakes that can hinder your growth. Wanna know what they are?

Check out the below-listed points and know the common mistakes you’re probably making. Avoid these mistakes to get your site to the top of the SERPs.

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is undoubtedly a major mistake that many marketers follow to save their time and money that one has to invest in a freelance writer. But this practice can bring you off track of the SEO game. It’s a huge mistake that can lead you unfavorable results. Even search engines like Google also find difficulties contextualizing each page with the same information as they won’t know which page they should recommend the user; after all, Google always prioritizes the user experience. If you’re also on the same path and using the duplicate content for SEO, you are making a wrong move. It is good to fix the duplicacy following a better solution.

● Delete the duplicate content page:

Deleting one of the pages that are riched with un-original content or rewriting the content is a great solution to resolve the duplicacy. By deleting the page, you’ll lose all of your content and other data on the page. On the other hand, rewriting the page means rewriting the content and saving some qualities to use it in a unique setting.

● 301 Redirect:

Another way to combat duplicate content is to use a 301 redirect, which tells a search engine which page is the original. This way, you can push your page to rank and receive all the contributions to its link metrics. It will also redirect the user from a duplicate content page to the original content page.

● Rel=Canonical:

It’s a special tag used in the header of duplicate pages that displays the content but passes link metrics to the original page. It’s a useful tag to use, especially for running e-commerce stores where one product can be found under several categories.

2. Keyword Stuffing

There is always a rush among SEO marketer to rank their website high in the SERPs in a shop period of time, and this urge of gaining results faster lead them to make another common SEO mistake, i.e., keyword stuffing. Stuffing a web page with a certain set of keywords is known as keyword stuffing.

Although keyword stuffing days are long gone, you can notice such practices followed by different websites over the internet. Such websites won’t be visible after a couple of days as Google finds this practice against the search engine standards that result in banning your website.

It’s the most common practice that many marketers follow to achieve their goals faster. But it is always advisable to avoid keyword stuffing, and you can do it following ways.

● Use Unique & Different Keywords:

Do not use the same keyword in higher frequency. Try adding synonyms of keywords to bring wording variation to your content and increase the content quality.

● Avoid Stuffing:

Don’t force keywords into every sentence as it results in stuffing and bad content quality. Add keywords in the appropriate places such as meta title, meta description, and the actual content. Make sure keywords addition in your content doesn’t decline the content readability.

3. Blank Pages

It’s another common mistake that SEO marketers make many times. These issues are commonly noticed on a new website as the website owners most of the time prefer planning to update an empty page eventually. On the other hand, search engines find such practice as an attempt to make the website seem larger than it is. If you’ve also made the same mistake, then you don’t need to be tensed at all as there are several ways to fix this issue. Some of them, we have listed below-

● Delete the Pages:

If you are unable to update your page soon, then follow a simple way to deleting the page until you have content that justifies recreating it.

● Noindex Tag:

Another solution is updating your Meta Robots tag to “No Index.” By doing this, you can prevent search engines from indexing pages that you don’t want to be indexed. Following this simple method, your page won’t appear in any search results, and your website won’t have to face any penalty for empty pages.

4. Focusing on Search Engines

The majority of the people thought SEO is all about search engines, but it is not just limited to this term. SEO is about delivering the best user experience. The more you’ll give a better experience to visitors to your site, the more your website’s ranking will be improved. Most marketers focus on search engines, and here’s the problem arises. Their primary focus on search engines leads them to adopt black hat tactics or other ineffective strategies against the search engine standards. If we say clearly, these practices include keyword stuffing, duplicate content, creating a hard to navigate the website, no use of responsive design, and a lot more. All these practices impact your website negatively. In the boast of improving your website performance as per the search engine norms, you may forget prioritizing the user experience, which is a must.

So, what’s the ideal solution to resolve this issue?

The solution is simple. Just focus on the user; after all, they are the ones who will turn out to be the customer on your website. Bring changes to your website that can help you in delivering the website experience to users. Make sure it is easy to use, accessible on mobile devices (responsive), and make the overall website content readable to get an enjoyable experience.

Giving priority to the user experience for SEO doesn’t mean that the search engine is not necessary. When it comes to creating pages, make sure the title and headings are well-optimized to attract visitors. Add creative and informative content on the website to not lose the interest of the user.

5. Not Using Google Analytics to the Fullest

As we all know that Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks and reports website traffic. Achieving SEO goals has become a lot easier if Google’s web analytic service is used correctly. This platform is loaded with tons of information, including user count, pages visited, session duration, traffic sources, etc. You can easily grab information over this platform and, at the same time, neglect those features that require manual activation. So, you must very well know how to use Google Analytics to the fullest to enjoy more benefits in SEO, and this can be done in the following ways-

● Goals:

Set up your five daily goals showcasing the performance of your website in terms of fulfilling your target objectives. Accomplishing these goals would lead to maximum conversion and bring your website to the road of success.

● Conversion Funnel:

Set up a conversion funnel as it will help you to determine the path taken by the visitors to your website to become a paying customer. This way, you will easily come to know the conversion flow and take steps to improve the conversion rate.

● Custom Alerts:

Another thing you need to do is setting up alerts for completion of a specific target or event or when traffic encounters an unexpected decline, which is always considered a must feature for those who need to deal with clients.


So, the above points are some of the common mistakes that most SEO marketers make in the boast of accomplishing their SEO goals in a short span. If you’re also one of them, make sure you haven’t repeated the same mistake. But these common errors can be resolved with an ideal solution, and we have covered the solution too in the post.

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Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze – # 1 SEO Company in Chandigarh is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective eCommerce Strategies, SEO processes, and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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