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Careers to choose after Masters of Business Administration


What are the career opportunities after an MBA degree?

In today’s age, pursuing a master’s degree in business administration or MBA is one of the most popular ways to boost your career. Irrespective of their bachelor’s degrees, most graduates prefer doing an MBA to start a managerial career in reputed organisations with a high salary and better career prospects. A master of business administration degree will help you obtain an expanded professional network, intensive management and administrative skills and the ability to excel under pressure at work.

While many people get convinced to spend huge amounts of time and money to do an MBA, a lot of them remain unaware of the immense career opportunities the qualification brings with itself. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA and want to know what you can expect from the degree, this blog can help you out. It lists some financially rewarding and interesting career options open to you as an MBA graduate.

What are the career opportunities after an MBA degree?

Here is a small snapshot of the exciting career prospects awaiting you after the completion of your MBA.

Information Systems Managers:

Information systems managers are hired to be in charge of all the IT set-up and functioning in a business. This role is very significant especially in data science companies where malfunctioning IT can result in the loss of thousands of dollars in revenue. As an IT system manager, you will need to coordinate with your team to ensure that all the IT hardware and software are functioning optimally and solve any upcoming issues. Ensuring the security of your servers against cyber-attacks also falls under your purview.

Management Analysts:

The job of a management analyst is quite similar to that of an operations research analyst except for one key difference—management analysts are responsible for improving the managerial techniques and approaches employed in the company to improve the general level of productivity among the employees. As a management analyst, you can work either in a freelance capacity or as part of an organisation.

Healthcare Administrators:

Healthcare administrators are responsible for the planning, direction and coordination of all operations and services available in a healthcare set-up such as a hospital of a dispensary. They are required to manage the nursing, cleaning and housekeeping staff and ensure that all the resources are docked up. As a healthcare administrator, you can also be required to stay updated on all the healthcare compliance laws and regulations.

Operations Research Analysts:

All successful businesses involve a series of processes and operations running smoothly without interrupting each other. As an operations research analyst, you can be called in to observe different processes, identify the inefficiencies and come up with robust strategies to improve them. This role requires excellent organisational skills, a keen eye for detail and an expertise on different business operations.

These roles notwithstanding, you can also explore a career as an accountancy officer, managerial accountant, college dean, financial analyst,a C-level executive such as a CEO or an IT director.

Pursuing an MBA can assist you in gaining the managerial expertise in your choice of domain and provide you with an intensive set of transferable skills useful in any domain. Enrol in an MBA programme for a bright managerial career in the future.


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