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Best Academic studies Done on Instagram for 2022


Academic studies show a different perspective about things. So, when you are looking to understand this Instagram, we have some academic studies for that.

So, if you do not know what kind of benefits and problems this platform has, you can read this article.

Athletes and Instagram 

We all know that athletes do their best to stay in shape and make their championship success come true. One more thing that we know is that these athletes are on this platform.

That is why there was a study about them and the pictures they took themselves. There was a result that this study showed. The researchers saw that these athletes had taken their full-body pictures. 

This shows that they are more concerned about their whole body image than their faces. At the same time, their captions showed that they cared about some particular stuff.

Their captions were mostly about dedication, family, and humanitarian causes. They also tried to talk about endorsements of their fellows. New trends in Instagram allow you to buy Instagram followers UK and US.

Death and Instagram

A death ceremony would never be something Instagrammable. Or will it be? A study shows that people have changed their perspectives about this topic. On one side, where you can buy Instagram likes, such trends can cause some unethical activities. That is why such trends were studied.

The study shows how this platform changed the thought process behind these two. The researchers believe that it changes the perspective of people about such ceremonies.

The study shows that people wanted to share at a funeral. This means that they were more concerned about their presence over there. Some may think that it is a human decline that these people did not care about mourning.

War and Instagram Debate

We all know that a war is something nobody would want. But there is also a debate about this necessary evil being on Instagram. Because of Instagram’s use in war journalism. 

This debate started after a glamorous representation of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. That is why such representation of war soldiers and war would be considered problematic.

Food Industry

We know that social media is one of the best ways a food company can use for marketing. But a study in Corporate Communications: An International Journal shows some unexpected results of such study.

This study shows how customers of these companies used to post against these companies. The study showed that these companies did not have any sound way to answer negativity on social media.

They also did not have any way to answer their own employees’ objections there. That is why these companies appear to need better communication on their social media channels.

People’s Loneliness in the Era of Social Media 

The first thing that comes to your mind with the word social media would be socialising. If you think that these platforms help loneliness disappear, you are right.

Although we do see some suicides due to the wrong body imaging, overall, it has helped people out. The researchers say that this platform helped people have a better image of their social life. 

The experts also found out that a text social media platform would cause a worsening in loneliness. That is why there should be a preference for using more visual-oriented social media. 

The Reasons of Social Media Use

Social media can mean something different for every other person. That is why there are some fundamental reasons for its use that exist. But a study shows that there are 4 most important reasons for such use.

These reasons were simple and easy to understand. The main reasons were a need for being cool, documentation, and creativity. Some people also used it for surveillance. This shows that social media like Instagram can help people prioritise their lives.

This study also talked about how people would normally be more concerned about their social media. The answer was they were super-concerned about their body images. At the same time, they were too touchy about their social media stature. 

This sparks a debate of how concerned people were about their social imaging. That is why they try to create the best body image. 

Final Thoughts 

We talked about some of the top academic studies on social media in 2022. These studies showed that Instagram and other social media add people to their lives. 

At the same time, there are some new stigmas and perspectives of life coming to youngsters. This shows a need for more studies on what these social media can positively and negatively cause. So, you can be sure about what will happen with these channels in our lives ultimately.

Author Bio

Adeel Nazir is a professional writer with an immense passion for social media and content marketing. He believes in delivering value and kindness to his connections and clients. With his content, he has helped multiple brands reach their marketing goals. 

You may reach him via LinkedIn


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