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8 UI/UX Designer Chrome Extensions


Becoming a designer is not an easy job. You always have to be updated, creative and organised. There are many UX tools in the market. Browser extensions have its own role to play. Therefore, these extensions are great to use and it will help you stay organised with the entire design world.

For a designer, smartness and quick-thinking ability is the best solution to create a mind-blowing design. The design has to be such that it can impress the stakeholders, team or even the clients. Knowing these extensions for chrome will help you understand that they are working good for designers. The list will help you understand what are the features of the the tensions and how they are helpful in the work of the UX/UI designers. 

Now let’s have a look into these chrome extensions:

UX Check-

It is a chrome app that will help the designer to improve the UX of website. It helps in the identification of usability issues without any involvement of the users. Designers knows about heuristic evaluations. It is an extension which will help you create the best heuristic list and even run the evaluation based on the list.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder-

It is a great extension where you can take screenshots and even record the screen. The option of screenshot is available for both full screen and selected area. If you use it then you can use the screen recorder for further communication with team members. You will get the plugin for free to install and it is available for Firefox and Chrome. 

CSS Peeper-

Do you find yourself in the digging of the codes or even struggle with the Chrome inspect tool? You can switch it with easy tool named CSS Peeper. It helps you extract the CSS and you do not have to dig into the code. It clearly inspects any object on your website and you will get organised specifications with great properties. You can choose the design color from the palette of color. If you want to extract the assets deep down with the code, then you will get that work too. 

UX Radar-

It is a free plugin that you will get in Chrome store. It helps the designers to test the website usability. There is a sequence of targeted questions and it will help you address and identify and keep the room for improvement. It ensures proper order of the operations for UX design that one can research with real users, it is an architecture with the proper connective tissues with usability tested and it is a benchmark of the continuous improvements. 

Flip It-

Designers always have creative flow but bookmarking every idea that a designer gets from online research is not a good idea. Hence, it is better to save to it in the Flipboard with the help of just one click. The extension also works with other articles online. You have the provision to only delete the articles or magazines from Flipboard app. You cannot even add contents using this extension. Plugins are the applications which will add different features that will expand browser capability. 

UI.Vision RPA-

It is a browser extension with open-source matter and you can extend it local apps for the UI desktop automation. UI vision will use browser automation, web scraping, web testing and screen scraping. It is is combination of classical browser automation with the help of modern computer vision. It has three process of robotic automation and they are- visual browser automation and testing of UI, visual desktop automation for Mac, Windows and Linux and Selenium IDE++.

Site Palette-

It is a perfect handy tool for front end developers and UI designers. It can easily extract colors from the website. It has innumerable color options that help the designers to choose the best one. It supports enormous palette generators. One can click the shareable links. One can preview the palette image that is easily available for download. One can download the Sketch template that is auto-generated. There is an addition of Adobe Swatch 

Muzli 2-

The extension offers the fresh design, interactive news on UI and UX and there are different shots from all around the web. It is a browser with new-tab plugin which will deliver relevant stories and the inspiration. The extension helps the designer to create latest content. The designer has the freedom to house, pick that creates interest in them. It is a secret source of designers. 


You must hire UI/UX designer India to get the best look and feel of the website. These are the top eight browser extensions for the UI and UX designers. In this article you will get details of the extensions that will help the designer to use them and create the best UX design. It is a helpful article and hope it helps you to know in-depth about these extensions and make a perfect balance of the best design. Use any one of them for UX design and create an impact in your design and you can bring out of box design.

Author Bio:

Prashant Pujara -founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, a leading website and Mobile App Development Company specialized in android and iOS app development. He has more than 10 years’ experience in app development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS & Android.


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