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Best tips for online businesses to keep their audience and clients happy


When you buy a domain name and web hosting plan you enter the digital arena amidst the tough competition. You need to be proactive to survive and succeed. Two of the best ways to gain victory in the online arena is to offer great after-sales services to your clients and keeping your targeted audience happy. The relationship that you share with existing clients and targeted audience of your products/services can have a far-reaching impact on the success of your business and for that you need to create a good rapport with them. Here are a few tools, tips and techniques that can definitely help you to create a good rapport with the targeted audience and offering great support services to the existing clients:

Handling unreasonable demands

Many times the customers can be unreasonably demanding. How quickly and efficiently your support team responds to such unforgiving clients while confidently handling the entire situation and pacifying the client, can make a big difference.

  • The main aim should be to end such sessions with a positive outcome. For that, you need to have a ready-made plan for handling such stressful situations. Preparing multiple phases for customer interaction based on different situations can help a great way.
  • For a more tangible outcome, you can also conduct the industry training by certified soft skill trainers with a strong profile.

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Understanding an audience character by actions

Different actions on your website by the visitors help you to gain a good understanding of their behavior and customer experience.

  • Did the visitor click the back button within 3 seconds of landing on your site? Did s/he stay for more than 5 minutes?
  • How many and which pages did s/he visited and how long was his or her stay duration on these pages?
  • Answers to these and similar questions hold the key to enhancing the customer experience.

Effective tools for offering a positive experience

Many times it becomes outright impossible to manually tackle all the customer issues. Thankfully, there are a number of great tools that can help you in automating the tasks, quickly identify the core issues and also implement the solutions. Let us know about such tools:

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Relevant Keywords

One of the major concern for any digital business is the relevant keywords used by their potential clients or targeted audience. Keyword data can help you a great way here. It helps you to learn the relevant phrases and words that are generally used you targeted clients while searching for service relevant to your industry.

Google Webmaster Tools

By using the Google Webmaster tools you can prepare a well-formulated list of the common keywords that have a strong potential to bring visitors to your website. You can use these keywords to prepare themes and assign them to the audience personas depending upon multiple demographics.

  • The strategic use of these keywords in key pages of your site and using them for content marketing, outreach, social media posts/profile and other types of content activities on different platforms can boost your SEO efforts.
  • It will not only have a deep impact on your search rankings but will also help you to quickly connect with your targeted audience.
  • By using the Google Analytic’s tool you can have access to the wholesome statistics of the stay period, bounce rate etc.

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Real-time video recording of visitors actions

Another tool by the name of Inspect let offers you the short videos of visitors on your site for a better, more specific action plan with its video recording functionalities.

Detailed report with deep insights

Kissmetrics is a highly effective tool that helps you to get the detailed report on different actions on your website and allows you to fine-tune your website design or content for leaving a better impact on client and at the same time understanding your clients in a better way to offer them the purpose-specific services.

  • It helps you to have a better understanding of your clients and identify the bottlenecks of your website that prevent them from feeling comfortable.
  • In short, you will be able to identify the weakness and strengths of your website and take the appropriate actions for optimizing the visitor experience that can eventually help you in increasing the conversions.

How to maximize the RoI of the above tools?

Just using the above-mentioned tools is not enough. They can just help you to quickly identify the core issues but it is you who has to take immediate actions to rectify such issues. If you don’t take any immediate action then you will not be able to reap the benefits of such tools.

For instance, if a report generated by any specific tool indicates that the complex navigation compelled your visitor to hit the back button then you should immediately work to improve the navigation of your site. By working on the interface of that specific web-page you can invite the people to get what they want quickly without facing any challenges. Thus, you can work on the major aspects of your site (complex interface) and replace the minus point (Bounce rate) into a plus point (longer stay period). Likewise, if you study well the pages that experience longer stay duration, you can understand the positive points of such pages and modify the other pages to replicate the effect.

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Handling the clients and keeping your audience happy help you to gain success in the online arena. However, many times it becomes difficult to achieve these objectives especially for small businesses or start-ups with limited manpower. However, there are various smart techniques and tools that can be utilized to satisfy your existing clients and at the same time keeping your targeted audience happy. In this blog, we have discussed the most effective tools and techniques that can proactively help you to enhance your revenue and reputation by delivering a great experience to your existing clients as well as the targeted audience.

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