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7 Of The Most Inspiring Places On Earth


Nothing inspires more than nature! Men have absolutely accomplished in constructing some of the majestic sites in the world, surreal for the eyes. However, when it comes to nature, creativity is at its cliffs, and the visuals are irreplaceable. The Eiffel Tower in Paris has an impeccable charm, but the seven mountains of Aiguilles de Bavella in South Corsica are incredible! Time and again, nature always beats the human in beautiful creations. Either it is about varying shapes, multifarious shades, or unbelievable forms, nature has remained ahead of humans in giving unique spots to this planet.

In this article, we have shortlisted and compiled a set of seven of the most inspiring places on earth. From its extraordinary beauty to its inimitable virtue, everything will leave you awe-inspiring. These places are not mere worldly spots, instead, they are the seven natural wonders! The keen globetrotters will know the importance of visiting these dreamy destinations and feel how everywhere the world is filled with wow. A place that sets your heart soaking in serene sensuality and lets you see its magical appearance like never before is said to be inspiring. Believe me, all of these are damn inspiring places on earth!

1. Aurora Borealis, Iceland

These magnificent lights appear out of the collision between charged sun particles penetrating the earth’s magnetic field. It’s like a wild card entry to the dance light show of paradise! Often visible in pastel pink and faint green, the lights also reflect shades of violet, blue, yellow, and red in unique forms of curves, arcs, streamers, curtains, clouds, bands, pillars, and corona decorates the sky. Iceland is the best destination to feel Aurora Borealis. Plus, Fairbanks in Alaska, Yellowknife in Canada, Tromsø in Norway, Northern Sweden, Northern Finland, Greenland, Tasmania, and New Zealand are the other magical Aurora Borealis’ places.

2. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Distanced at the one-hour drive from Hamilton and two and a half-hour drive from Auckland, Waitomo is the city center in New Zealand’s Northern Island regions. With durable roof rack accessories, you can drive effortlessly to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. As the name reveals, these caves are home to millions of teeny tiny creatures that keep hanging themselves on the cave ceilings forever. The glittering glow of the caves is because of the bright light emittances form these creatures. Apart from these glowworms, the caves are full of limestone formations. The cavernous stalactite structures inside the caves are inspiringly jaw-dropping!

3. Marble Cathedral, Chile

In Patagonia, General Carrera, South America, you will find the ultimate natural spot named Chile’s Marble Cathedral. The cavernous site is amid the shared tranquil waters of Lago Buenos Aires of Chile and Argentina. The combination of an intricate structure of marble caves and azure waters of the lake makes you feel like you are sailing in Santorini. The naturally shaped marble walls by waters are like a dream coming true visions hardly a human can believe with the naked eyes. Many miles inside waters, people voyage to see the ravishing light show of crystal clear waters reflecting on marbles.

4. Lake Hillier, Australia

Have you been to a shoreline lake? Do you know what saltwater lakes are? Did you ever hear about a pink lake? Perhaps Western Australia is your destination then! Flourished on the middle island of Australia, Lake Hillier is a saltwater lake on the largest Australian island with a unique feature that it is entirely pink. The foggy forest with thousands of eucalyptus and paperbark trees within it encircles Lake Hillier. Tourists attract to the lake because of its whimsical water tone, and stories of its history. Put this place on your travel list, and I bet you will explore the whole of Australia!

5. Fairy Pools, Scotland

Fairy Pools are the group of waterfalls in Gren Brittle, Scotland. Towards the south of the Isle of Skye (another brilliantly inspiring destination on earth) are the Fairy Pools with blissful waterfalls and fascinating busy crowds. A complete view of graceful waterfalls from the cliffs of Black Cuillin, purplish colored trees along the river banks, and shining blue waters of the pool reflecting each pebble excellently from inside, is something one should never miss. The Fairly Pools are perfect for those enthusiastic swimmers who dare to challenge the arctic waters. No hiker could resist himself from halting to see such amazing pools!

6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

A three km lengthy railway route in Klevan, Ukraine is now the official Tunnel of Love because of its abundant green bushes, and appears like a corridor to happiness. This railway track remains busy three times in a day when the train arrives to deliver woods nearby. However, today this wood-land has become a green-land full of leafy flora. The true love legends believe that this place is the love temple for couples. That’s the reason the Tunnel of Love inspires millions of visits from worldwide by lovers every year.

7. The Himalayas, Nepal

Stocking snow around 2,500 km in Asia, The Himalayas are the world’s biggest and tallest mountain ranges embracing three countries, viz. India, Bhutan, and Nepal. In whichever country you go from these three, the Himalayan summits will never let you down in despair. The marvelous landscapes of mountains, the unmatched valleys, fearless glaciers, splendid views, and the spectacular surroundings will inspire you to the fullest. The Himalayas are the definition of limitless hope and legendary enthusiasm. The towering peaks of mountains will make you shout out loud to the world and say, “This is the life you dreamt, and you’re living it!”

End Thoughts

Undoubtedly, these are the seven best picks for you, but remember, the world has endless virtue and a lot more secrets than you and I could reveal! Never settle to see less and never aim for exploring brutal. Revise your 2021’s travel to-do list and incorporate these seven stunning destinations in it. Good luck planning, Happy packing, and Bon Voyage!


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