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5 Striking Benefits of Chromebook


Chromebooks aren’t as feature-rich as Windows laptops, but they’re still extremely handy. They are reasonably priced. However, some may criticize them for poor specifications and reliance on an internet connection. So, what can you accomplish today with a Chromebook? Things have most likely changed since you last used one of these multifunctional, low-cost devices. You may now acquire one with more powerful specifications, greater software selections, and a variety of offline choices. Let’s get started with a quick rundown of the fantastic benefits Chromebooks provide.

Chrome OS Operating System:

Chrome OS is built on top of the Linux kernel. As you are aware, Linux is a very stable operating system. It is open source and free. Chrome OS’s source code is available on GitHub. It’s a highly secure operating system. You will not get infected with a virus or malware since Chrome will warn you not to visit any app or website that has a virus. It offers a basic user interface that allows it to be used by anyone. The starting time is less than seven seconds. The Chromebook laptop includes an SSD disc. Chrome OS makes excellent use of the device’s hardware.

AMD 7th Gen A4-9120C Processor:

The AMD A4-9120C is an entry-level CPU from the Stoney-Ridge APU series for Chromebooks and entry-level laptops that was announced in early 2019. It is based on the A4-9120 from 2016, but with a lower TDP (6 versus 15 Watt) and lower clock speeds of 1.6 – 2.4 GHz (compared to 2.2 – 2.5 GHz). Both CPUs have two CPU cores (one Excavator module with 2 integers and one FP unit). It also has a Radeon R4 GPU with 192 shaders operating at 600 MHz, a single-channel DDR4-2133 memory controller, an H.265 video engine, and a chipset with all I/O ports.

AMD Radeon™ R4 Graphic Card:

The AMD Radeon R4 is a DirectX 12 integrated graphics card included in several AMD APUs (for example, the A6-6310). It has 128 shader cores spread across two Compute Units and is built on the GCN architecture. Clock speeds can reach 800 MHz. The graphics card lacks specialised VRAM and must rely on standard system memory (single-channel DDR3L-1866). The GPU may assist the CPU in decoding videos up to 4K resolution using its UVD (Unified Video Decoder). Furthermore, the chip incorporates a specific video encoder known as VCE. Video streams can be delivered to up to two external displays via VGA, DVI, HDMI 1.4a, and DisplayPort 1.2.


A Chromebook with 4GB of RAM is a good place to start for those on a tight budget. When combined with an SSD for storage, you’ll get a responsive device that handles the fundamentals with ease. Chromebooks with 4GB RAM can manage a reasonable number of browser tabs with ease. Thus if given a choice between additional memory and a quicker storage drive, it improves the overall performance of ChromeOS. Look for devices with user-accessible RAM that can be updated whenever possible. You can start with 4GB of memory as your budget configuration and then add extra memory as needed.

64 GB Storage:

Chrome OS is a lightweight cloud-based system that requires little storage space, however, once you download music or games, it will quickly fill up. If you download your favorite mobile games, each program might quickly take up a few GBs. Furthermore, running Linux apps necessitates an additional significant amount of storage. The bare minimum for storage on your Chromebook is 64GB. There are several fantastic options with 64GB SSD storage.


Switching from a Mac or PC to ChromeOS might be perplexing. Chromebooks and ChromeOS tablets require slightly different specifications, particularly in terms of storage. ChromeOS is designed for cloud computing, which eliminates the requirement for a big storage capacity.

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