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5 Technology Trends to Improve your Marketing Strategies


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Indeed, we are now living in a modern world dominated by technology. Current lifestyles now depend on the convenience and efficiency gadgets bring. Businesses are no stranger to these beneficial changes. 

With the surge of social media, digital marketing has also been at the forefront of best marketing strategies for many big companies. Technology has also provided many communication services for the efficient transmission of information. 

With all its benefits, technology continues to change industries, helping businesses realize their full potential and improve operations. Thus, as a business owner, you must know the recent technology trends to stay on top of the market game. 

It can be hard to stay updated with all the passing trends, but worry no more! This article details eight technology trends to improve your marketing strategies. 

1. AR/VR 

The rise of technology and social media has paved the way for mobile games to break through the market. Mobile games have contributed a lot to the consumers’ way of imagining a new metaverse. In line with this, augmented and virtual realities (AR/VR) have made these metaverses possible to satisfy gamers and non-gamers alike. 

AR/VR will continue to rise in the trends even beyond gaming. AR can create virtual representations of your products and services to enhance your marketing strategies, given the immersive virtual display. VR technology, meanwhile, may also provide a captivating experience when showing how to utilize your goods and services.

By giving consumers a more hands-on experience, there is an increased chance of trusting what you offer. 

2. Cybersecurity 

Although technology has numerous benefits, there are also associated risks one should be aware of to avoid business downfalls. Technology has made communication and resource access more manageable in remote, distant areas. However, the passing of information through software also poses risks of cyberattacks. 

It is always important to remember that prevention is better than cure. You would incur more losses when handling the consequences of a cyberattack and data loss than investing in the best cybersecurity measures to safeguard your relevant documents.

Furthermore, more customers trust a company that can keep their documents and information safe. Customer trust is integral to building brand reputation and loyalty. 

3. Ecommerce

With the onset of the pandemic, many consumers have increased digital drive and usage. Social distancing and lockdown mandates have led many consumers to use online shops and delivery services to purchase and incur their necessities. 

Even with the end of the pandemic, ecommerce will continue to boom due to the convenience it brings. Online transactions, including bank transfers and digital payments, are more accessible thanks to ecommerce. Consumers see these benefits, so it is essential to take advantage. Be flexible and adaptable to stay competitive in the market. 

4. AI 

Have you ever wondered how social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can change their interfaces according to the public’s desires? They do not conduct massive lengthy surveys to gather general advice. Instead, they use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to conduct AI marketing. 

A business can collect data through AI marketing, gain consumer insights, anticipate customers’ successive movements, and make automated decisions that affect marketing activities. Companies use AI marketing in situations where time is of the essence. There is no need for massive arduous surveys when there is AI marketing. 

As a business owner, you may use AI to fully understand your consumers’ behavior and actions as a marketing strategy indicator. As a result, you can determine the correct approach for the right individual and cater to their concerns quickly and effectively.

One may also use AIs to create automated chatboxes and replies. This way, one can answer a frequently asked consumer question and address it promptly. 

5. Cloud Technology 

In addition to data and information storage, cloud technology is making significant strides in digital marketing. We have already established that customer data may assist you in understanding the population’s necessities and expectations. However, keeping track of crucial information through traditional techniques like surveys is time-consuming.

A cloud data center simplifies information storage and access for marketers. In addition, it promotes extensive data security and saves costs. Cloud accounting also increases work efficiency and productivity with its collaborative and modern tools and features instead of traditional practices. 

The New, Digital Face of Marketing

Technology is taking over the lives of many people. Consequently, it is also making significant changes in the business world. With its modern advantages, businesses can grow and improve their operations through technology. You can use these five technology trends to stay competitive in the cut-throat market, to improve your marketing strategies, or as a stepping stone for your business. 

However, there is more to consider with the extensive plethora of technological advancements, so we advise staying updated!

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Karl Pulanco is the Product Portfolio Manager for Yondu. He’s into photography which is not surprising as he is a travel junkie as well. While he enjoys working on product planning and custom software development, he has a soft spot for writing and occasionally contributes articles related to his work.

I am a coffee lover, marketer, tech geek, movie enthusiast, and blogger. Totally in love with animals, swimming, music, books, gadgets, and writing about technology. Email: Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter:


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