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5 Best practices while setting up a Facebook campaign


Making a Facebook campaign

There are several methods followed for digital marketing. Among them, Social Media is still the most powerful technique to reach out to millions. When the name Facebook rolls out the hype is always high comparing other platforms. Already most of the advertisers recommend Facebook for an effective campaign. The numbers never lie in when Facebook is employed in digital marketing. It’s a widely diverse platform where you can almost laser target anyone and use effective Facebook advertising strategy.

Making a Facebook campaign

Although it sounds to be an easy thing, Facebook advertising is not that simple. Your ad can be broken or made successful depending upon several factors. A lot of variables are involved in a strategizing the right Facebook marketing campaign. It begins from targeting the right user to deciding the ideal format and tons of other ingredients.

Here is a simple overview of the most essential steps to optimize the Facebook advertising strategy. Apart from the necessary tips to achieve goals, caution for the common pitfalls is also covered in this article.

1. Be specific on choosing the Audience

It is possible to increase your organic leads only when you are able to define your target audience. The more specific you are; the more effective your marketing will turn out to be. If you are able to identify them well then make detailed collections about their wants, desires, favorites and pain points. Also check out the data as their age, location, interest their job roles and lot more. Make in-depth research as you can, as it will be much help at some point in time.

How to define them?

Working on defining your target user is the groundwork to be done in the initial phase. Facebook allows the brands to see an overview of the target they are focusing on; as, whether they are targeting a narrow or broad crowd. Another facility that Facebook provides the brands is that it allows you to fill in the details of the audience to whom you are trying out to reach, irrespective of your ad or goal type.

The more details you give about yourself, the wider is the option to find your accurate target audience. It is ultimately, you who is positioned at the deciding authority to choose who must and who must not see your ad. Facebook provides a special barometer that predicts whether your target audience is broader or specific.

2. Make Test on different Facebook Ad types

The leading advantage that Facebook provides over other platform is the variety of advertisement. Brands are provided with absolute comfort to customize their ads to offer creative and compelling ads. There are 5 different types of Facebook ads. They are,

Homepage Ads

Brands can keep their ads much simple. Introducing promo codes or offering discounts, traditional way in Facebook is making ad over the homepage. This especially works when you want to retarget or remind people who have already visited your site before.

Promotion Ads

This is the easiest way to keep an ad running. All that you need to do is promote it over Facebook. If you are bringing out something new to the society definitely you can go for this type of ads. Create highly inevitable content and make promotion over Facebook. It gives instant boost and exposure to a new audience group. Promoting the post is a cost-effective and quicker approach to earn more eyes on an ad.

Video Ads

Video ads are gaining much popularity among Facebook users. According to statistics, it is revealed that the Facebook user spend triple the times of their time over watching video content than on spending over text or the images. Videos are serving as the best pause points to stop the user from scrolling down further.

These Ad types are known to possess’ lower cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion rate. They are interactive and mobile friendly. Creative marketers love these ad types and choose them to make an effective campaign.

Lead Ads

Lead Ads are those allowing the customer to make downloads of a particular brand directly over the Facebook page itself. These are the ideal candidates for webinars, PDF’s and similar ones. If you have some educational content that you feel a lot of audiences would be starving for then Facebook is the right platform to launch.

3. Use the power of Facebook remarketing

If you are in dilemma about your audience or the type of ad to utilize, then the process of carrying over the campaign can be a tough task. Facebook allows remarketing to serve ads to a customized audience of people who have already made interaction. All these interactions include people who visited the website previously, people who made a purchase on site, and people on the email list.

4. Keep budget under control

One of the points that anyone must keep in mind is that if the targeted campaigns are so poor, then the cost may climb high. Facebook also has the option to set your budget on a daily or lifetime basis. There is no particular way to choose the right budget, but if it is the first time you are trying Facebook marketing then choose for the smaller one.

5. Test your Ads periodically

Never overspend over the campaign. Be concise and check out what you get in return for your investment. Check out ad types, images, audiences and other offers on a periodic basis and make changes if necessary.

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