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3 Restaurant Technology Trends You Need To Know


The restaurant industry is seeing big changes in technology. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your restaurant experience and want fewer tables waiting for their bill, you’ll want to check out these trends. Here are three restaurant technology trends you need to know.

3D Printing

3D printing has a lot of flexibility in production and is now paving the way for innovation in the restaurant industry. Restaurant owners may want to reconsider what they use to prep the food and give as utensils to customers because most of the things in those utensils and cooking tools are toxic.

3D printing saves time, money, and energy on creating eating and food preparation tools with food-safe 3D printer filaments. Most filaments are approved by the FDA and allow one to cut down on waste so that restaurant owners can reuse products when needed.

Although this is a profitable trend, it does run into obstacles. One of the things that you should be cautious of is copyright. It’s great to have inspiration if you want a spoon designed a particular way, but you need to keep your ideas original. Consider hiring a full-time designer to make the designs for you. Make sure they’re original.

Contactless Payment

Did you know that your restaurant can have contactless payment? They sure can! Customers will love the ability to pay from their phones by offering a scannable QR code on the receipt. Or you could offer other conveniences like counter-service where customers pay from their phone’s smart wallet.

The biggest downside is limiting minimum spending. For example, if a customer orders a $2 side, and you need a $7 minimum, the customer, unfortunately, misses the side item they ordered because of that requirement. The biggest thing you can do is post this online, on your menus, and at the door before customers come in and sit down.

Air Purifying Systems

Diners are dashing their way back into restaurants, and you must make it as comfortable as possible. The best way to do this is by installing air purifier systems. These systems suck out bad air through a vent and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. This is especially good in the kitchen since heat builds up fast from the ovens and other cooking stations.

Make your customers comfortable and let them enjoy their meal more by elevating the dining experience with one of these restaurant technology trends. These fads will improve efficiency and productivity, from the restaurant worker to the customer.


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