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Why Seismic Data Racks Are Important for Your Data Center


Getting data rack cabinets for your data center is integral to any infrastructure effort. Without them, you can’t have a data center because you’d have nowhere to store your equipment. That said, what are some of the cabinets and racks you need? While you can get a conventional data rack, it’s relatively easy to understand why seismic data racks are important for your data center. Read on below to find out more. 

They Protect Against Earthquakes

The reason why seismic data racks are so powerful lies in their name. They are designed to protect your hardware—and, therefore, your software. Seismic data racks are typically reinforced for seismic activity. They’re built to last in the event of an earthquake. They’re most often used in data centers with a greater chance of seismic activity. You’re likely to find these racks in Silicon Valley.

Data racks have many benefits and differ from standard racks in many ways. A key benefit is that they allow companies to put their data center anywhere without worrying about damage from earthquakes. That’s one less thing to worry about, which is always a good thing.  

They Can Take More Damage 

Seismic racks are reinforced and can take more damage than their standard counterparts. Standard data center racks are already durable. They need to be to account for human error. People trip over cords, fall into cabinets, and even pull racks out of place. Accidents happen, and the sturdiness of seismic racks is certainly a boon in this regard. This is a key reason why seismic data racks are important for data centers.

They’re Streamlined for Effectiveness

Seismic data racks go through rigorous testing to ensure that they stay sturdy. By “rigorous testing,” we mean they put a new rack in a room and shake it at the same frequency and intensity as that of an earthquake to test its effectiveness. One thing is for certain: seismic racks are streamlined to do their job well. You don’t have to worry about their durability or ability to protect your equipment. 


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