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15 Untapped Social Media Strategies in 2021


Social Media Strategies

As of March 2021, more than 3.96 billion people worldwide are on social media, with the average person having eight to nine social media accounts. It is not surprising why many organizations also have a social media presence. Unfortunately, not all of them are putting it to good use. Here are 15 untapped social media strategies you can try this 2021. 

1. Branded Hashtag

Nothing beats a hashtag when it comes to generating interest on social media. The results will be more spectacular if you use a branded hashtag to speak and engage with your customers.

The idea is to create a hashtag that encourages your users to submit testimonials and reviews about your brand. Such a strategy builds social proof without appearing sales-y or promotional.

2. Encourage High-quality User-generated Content

People love making stuff and posting it on their social media accounts. Why not tap into your customers’ creativity and make your social media page a treasure trove of novel and exciting content?

You can create social media campaigns around your activities or programs and have your customers and followers create their content. It is one way to connect with your followers and fill your pages with meaningful content.

3. Develop and Integrate Digital Learning Resources

With the pandemic showing no signs of abating, many educational institutions have limited their face-to-face classroom instruction. Many schools today use the internet to deliver instructional and educational content. 

You can also use social media to deliver digital learning resources, including electronic textbooks. Learning the steps to making a digital learning resource is straightforward with this no-nonsense article

4. Influencer Giveaways

Getting an influencer to like or follow your social media page is one strategy you should never miss this 2021. Establishing and building relationships with them will build social proof and increase brand awareness.

The key is to identify the most viable influencers for your niche and provide them with a thoughtful giveaway.

5. Go Behind the Scene

Take your followers on a magical journey about how you develop a product or deliver a service. Showcase your company culture and other essential attributes that make you unique.

Behind-the-scenes information opens many doors for your organization. People can relate to you easily, giving them the chance to learn more about your personality. You can also broaden your digital content this way.

6. Livestream

Live streaming is an excellent way to personify your brand, allowing customers to get that instant connection with you.

You can live stream any event on your social media account to generate buzz, encourage interaction, and showcase the things that your viewers would have experienced at the live event. Including an interactive Q&A session is a big plus.

7. Generate Hype

It is always a great idea to include a social media campaign every time you have an event or launch a service or product. A dedicated hashtag, teaser videos, pre-orders, and countdown posts will always generate hype for your event.

The point here is to have the social media community talk about your upcoming activity. It builds anticipation and can encourage sales in the future.

8. Leverage High-quality, Meaningful Visuals

Pictures, infographics, and videos are more effective than written content, especially if you are creative in their development. It would also help to be informative and entertaining while driving home the message you want your audience to get. 

Social media is one of the best places to use meaningful visuals. A person’s social network can become an excellent source of likers and followers to your page.

9. Develop Educational Apps

Learning is more challenging today because of the ongoing global pandemic. Social media helps bridge the physical distance between educators and learners, allowing them to interact more positively and constructively.

You can develop an educational app to help youngsters achieve their learning objectives. You can also integrate social media into the app to make interactions more engaging, straightforward, and in real-time. 

10. Storytelling

Integrating storytelling elements in your social media posts gets you closer to your audience, especially if it is compelling, personal, and highly relatable.

Storytelling appeals to your customers’ emotions, making the experience more memorable for them. in turn, they will never forget your brand. The secret is to make your story as close to your audience’s personal experiences as possible.

11. Dedicated Landing Pages

Creating a dedicated landing page instead of your website can capture more leads for your brand. The page should be enticing and informative, yet with a personal touch to keep your visitors wanting more.

Social media sections can contain a link to your landing page, offering your prospects a juicy incentive or some other form of motivation.

12. Dropship with Shopify

The pandemic has a profound effect on the global economy. People lost jobs as businesses closed due to mobility restrictions. However, everyone still needs something. 

You can leverage your social media presence to come up with your business from home. Dropshipping with Shopify is an obvious choice. There are no stocks and physical space to worry about. You can use your social media account to sell your drop-shipped products and have Shopify do the rest. 

13. Master the Art of Personalization

Social media always puts people first. Personalizing your social media content can appeal to your targeted customers and generate the leads your company needs.

Engaging, personalized content should not only aspire to draw in numerous likes. It would be best if your audience will also leave their comments, and better if they can share your content with their social network.

14. Feature Customers

Loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors. You can create a special section on your social media page featuring your loyal customers.

Encourage them to talk about your products, especially their impact on their lives. They can share selfies or videos of them using your products. Ask them if you can also showcase their stories on your social media page. 

15. Conduct Polls

Not many brands use social media to learn about their customers. Polling not only allows you to learn about your audience. They also get to feel appreciated and valued, increasing your brand value to them. You also grow your engagement with them and vice versa. 

Other social media strategies are only waiting for discovery and utilization. These 15 untapped strategies should suffice for now.

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