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10 Tools to Write Killer Inbound Marketing Blog Content


Tools to Write Killer Inbound Marketing Blog Content
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 Word “inbound” is translated from English as “incoming”. The term “inbound marketing” was created in contrast to “outbound marketing”- a type of marketing strategy that involves mass spam mailings of letters and catalogs, cold calls, massive advertising, distribution of flyers, etc. The reason behind such actions was to actively seek out potential customers. On the contrary, the main idea behind inbound marketing is to reel future customers through digital channels using useful, engaging content as “bait”. Such natural and unforced interaction between your company content and consumers allows buyer’s loyalty and trust to grow.

A key aspect that determines inbound marketing’s success or failure is whether you succeed at producing content that makes consumers interested. You create such content to grab the attention of your target audience, introduce them to your brand and product, as well as showcase your expertise in certain topics. One should keep in mind that different content needs to be created for various stages of a customer journey. At the early stages, it is usually non-selling content, which may not even mention that you have a product or solution. At the next stages, content can become more and more selling – it may showcase the product and its features. Finally, when a client is ready to buy, selling texts are needed.

However, inquiring about high-quality SEO-friendly content that will boost your sales is not easy. It is a task for experienced content writers who are equipped with the right tools to refine and perfect their texts. Today we will discuss top tools that can help bring your content to a new level!

Top Must-Have Tools All Content Writers Use

Nowadays, there are hundreds upon hundreds of various apps, programs, plugins, and other digital solutions that claim to be able to make your work easier. However, the abundance of options leads to a problem – without knowing which tools are actually helpful, one can simply not make the right call.

Consider yourself warned – we will not be enthusing about novelty pricey software that has been around for merely a day. Instead, we will let you know about hardy time-tested solutions that thousands of people successfully use every day. Now, you probably already know about some of them, but don’t get discouraged – it means that you are on the right path.

Top Must-Have Tools All Content Writers Use
Image Source Pexels

Here are 10 of the best user-tested and universally favored digital solutions for your inbound marketing blog posts:

1. Grammarly

If you write any type of textual content, you cannot efficiently operate without this program. It works like an application or extension for your browser that checks English grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and more in real-time across multiple platforms including Microsoft Word, WordPress, and more. This tool offers grammar correction, allows you to fix typos, edit conjunctions and prepositions. It catches excessive use of passive voice, points out, and facilitates other helpful tweaks to your text that make it sound more cohesive and professional.

This program can make your text better, but it can’t write it for you. If you need any help with writing professional high-quality texts, editing or proofreading services, custom essay writing, you should address a specialized service. Certain tasks require human expertise, and software solutions simply won’t cut it!

2. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you struggle to create new and interesting topics for your blog, you are one of the many people who fight this problem. Even if you have a deeply creative mind, if you have been blogging for years you will find it exponentially harder to think of new enticing topics to write about. This service makes it easy to come up with new topics for your blog posts: just type in three keywords and the program will give you a variety of five different relevant topics.

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3. Hemingway

The program analyzes the text loaded into it, finds overly complex words and suggests alternatives, marks sentences based on their readability. This app is ideal for copywriters and marketers, so it will greatly simplify the process of writing posts for your blog.

4. Copywritely

People mainly use this program to optimize content for SEO. Once you run your blog post draft through this application it will highlight keyword stuffing, grammatical issues, text readability, and determine content authenticity. With its help, you can check the content of a blog post before uploading it so that your post ranks high in Google Search.

5. Thesaurus

This simple and commonly familiar program can suggest synonyms to the words you enter. As a writer, you will sometimes inevitably struggle with choosing the right word, or occasionally blank out on a symptom you need. Despite this program’s flaws and limited functionality, it is an essential tool for many content creators.

6. Google Translate

If users had to choose a single translation program to use indefinitely, we are pretty sure that 99% of them would opt for Google Translate. It used to have a bad rep before for producing gibberish when it came to translating long paragraphs, but since it was updated with AI its efficiency became a lot better. Sure, text run through this program requires quite a heavy editing, but it is still an extremely helpful tool, especially if you need to translate big amounts of text fast. Additionally, as of February 2021, Google Translate covers 109 languages.

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7. Google Search Console

This program is a free online tool from Google, consisting of a series of panels showing how the site performs in the Google search engine. It allows you to access a wide range of important data about your resource. For example, you can see how your page ranks in the search engine results for various keywords, find out if you have problems indexing content on Google,

see how a website works on different devices, etc.

8. Unsplash

All blog posts need to be completed with photos for better SEO as well as user-friendliness. It is no secret that people always go for visual rather than textual content, so adding high-quality images to your post is a must. You can get your photos for a fair price at paid stocks such as Shutterstock, or you can attain them for free from sites like Unsplash. We know what our choice would be!

9. Canva

If you need an image for your blog post but want it to be one-of-a-kind, your best option is Canva. It is a tool for creating and editing graphic design for social media pages, websites, presentations, blogs, etc. The editor allows you to personalize ready-made templates, change colors, insert filters, change the background to a custom one, insert text, music, or video. It is ultra-handy and produces a killer result.

10. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a website link analysis tool. This service helps to identify competitors, analyze the promoted network resource, find the reasons for low ranking in the SERP, and improve the quality of search traffic. It is a handy trusted SEO tool that many marketers cannot live without.

Drawing the Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article helped you identify or confirm the top trustworthy tools that will help elevate your inbound marketing blog content. We likely didn’t raise any eyebrows with our choices, but that wasn’t the point. In a bottomless pool of programs and solutions, the Internet provides only a handful that is worth your time and attention.

Our goal was to outline the safest and most dependable tools that will make your content special. If you haven’t yet, make sure to give these programs a try and see for yourself how easily text can be transformed into something eye-catching, optimized, and enticing!

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