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10 good reasons why you should opt for SAP


Why should a company desire to select SAP for its business solutions?

1. SAP is one solution for all your business problems

From the time of purchasing the goods until the company sells the product and receives the payment, each and every function of the process is handled by SAP. Let us take a good example of a mid-sized plastic manufacturer. The process that is followed in such companies is as follows,

1. Buying the raw material

2. Molding it in machine M1 by person P1 to form the end product.

3. Packing it in machine M2 by person P2 to keep it ready for the delivery.

4. Picking up by person P3 and keeping it ready to be shipped.

4. Finally, it is shipped.

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SAP manages and informs the buyer to purchase the raw material from a particular vendor. SAP creates a production order and P1 reads it and creates the end product by taking the help of M1. SAP creates a sales order that helps P2 to pack the end product. SAP creates a shipping order for P3 to keep it ready to be shipped. And this is how SAP can become a one-point solution for all your business needs.

2. SAP gives small businesses a planning ability

Based on the analysis of past orders, SAP can automatically generate a purchase order for the vendor. Depending on the lead time, SAP can also create a production order and so on.

Thus SAP provides functionality where small businesses can plan their future on the basis of their present business.

The SAP provides you a facility to create an invoice on the basis of goods being delivered. It also helps in tracking the payments and you can create an alert when the due date is nearing.

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4. SAP products are not very expensive to invest in

The solution SAP provides with its products are trendy and are based on the latest technologies. SAP is a leader in providing cloud solutions. It covers almost every single process of your business. So, the best thing to consider at the time of investing in SAP is its returns.

5. Testing a few functions at a time

The SAP provides limited functions plus limited users plans which are scalable with respect to its cost. Once, the functions are adopted and are easy to be used across the borders, the SAP products can be rolled out across the organization. It might also cross the borders and rolled out internationally. Additionally, everyone can then be given access.

6. SAP gives predefined processes and best practices

Businesses work on processes. Suppose you are running a business and you purchased software to take care of some processes of your business. Based on the business you run, how would be your feeling when software provides you some predefined process that can be useful to run your business. You might be overwhelmed, right?

The SAP provides you a functionality where it sets some predefined process and shows you some best practices on the basis of business you run.

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7. SAP consultants are available worldwide

SAP is a world-renowned software. It becomes easy for companies to find an SAP consultant to rectify their query anytime anywhere throughout the world.

Also, SAP’s presence worldwide makes sure that you can get an SAP consultant easily at the time of hire.

8. Instant solutions for your queries

As per one census, there are more than 10,000 SAP consultants working worldwide. And there are 15,000 developers hired by SAP worldwide.

SAP consultancy services worldwide ensure that there is no difficulty involved in using the SAP products.

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9. Keeping up-to-date with the evolving technologies

The developers and the consultants working worldwide for SAP are always on their toes to keep the platform up-to-date using the innovative new technological solutions.

Also, the SAP consultancy services see to it that the solutions that are provided are reliable and scalable with the current growing technologies.

10. Support and Choice

With its best support services worldwide, SAP provides peace of mind to all the investors and owners of the organizations. Through their strong partnership and relationships with a number of giants in the industry, SAP products provide the facility and choice of software that best fits your requirements.

There are many more reasons that keep SAP at the top in the industry. There are many other intricate functionalities to map and manage your business processes.

In short, if someone asks us to define SAP in one line, then we would say,

      “One platform for all your business processes.”

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