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SAP C/4HANA -The Key To Transform The CRM Realm


SAP C/4HANA -The Key To Transform The CRM Realm

Businesses have approached SAP solutions time and again. SAP solutions have rescued several entities from getting scratched. Instead, helped them streamline business operations.

Today, modern businesses can seamlessly surpass challenging obstacles of managing and sufficing customer requirements. This is possible merely due to implementation of impeccable SAP solutions.

Today, it’s been over a decade since SAP has been associated with customer experience technology. About four years ago, the firm announced its intention to revolutionize the CRM.

The CRM no longer only manages customers, but it also helps amend business processes to meet business and customer’s needs.

SAP is not the only hub to provide this exceptional solution. But, it is the only one that can help blend the front and back office with the right set of intelligent technologies.

SAP has the knowledge and expertise to work and explore on both the fronts. They have the best technology to transform customer experience. But, primarily, the firm has an approach that blends perfectly with the business needs.

They can provide a comprehensive view of customers to enterprises. This is something that most companies crave for to run business successfully. This is why SAP holds an upper hand over other business solutions.

What Is CRM?

CRM is a practice that helps organizations to enhance their customer relationships. This practice also improves their potential to win more customers and rapidly.

The right CRM software can help businesses to implement effective strategies required to build long-lasting relationships. This software can help streamline business activities and bridge the gap between customers and business.

What Is SAP C/4HANA?

SAP introduced an improved and contemporary customer relationship management software suite known as C/4HANA. The alphabet ‘C’ represents customers and then numerical 4 notifies the 4th generation CRM. The term HANA is coined to highlight the correlation between SAP HANA in-memory database and C/4HANA.

SAP has been associated with several front-runners across industry verticals. This time SAP worked on a new solution that supports front-end task inclusive of marketing commerce, customer information, customer’s data protection, sales, and customer service.

SAP C/4HANA possesses cloud-functionality. This solution consists of the 5 important tools- SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Significant Impact of SAP C/4HANA In Transforming The CRM Market

Traditional CRM solutions back companies with a different customer perspective. But, SAP C/4HANA provides a comprehensive view of customers to companies.

Businesses can view every minute detail of their customers through an exceptional customer profile.

SAP C/4HANA has the ability to link the firm’s entire supply chain to provide quality customer experiences.

Regardless of whether loyal or potential customers, it is imperative for an organization to offer made-to-order experience to their customers. Besides, it hardly matters through which medium your customers reach out to you but it is important to shower them with personalized experiences.

The all new SAP C/4HANA software has the capabilities to meet these diverse customer expectations. They empower firms to provide distinct customer journeys to each customer as per their requirements.

This also helps businesses to build strong and reliable customer relationships. Relationships that allow customers to cherish the entire purchase expedition and approach you again in the future.

SAP C/4HANA can offer a helping hand to companies to accomplish the following tasks-

  • Customize marketing strategies
  • Protect and retain customer data
  • Optimize any channel and on any device
  • Empower sales team
  • Foresee roadblocks and work on them to retain niche customer services

Earlier, CRM systems were utilized and designed predominantly to evaluate sales prospects. However, the next-generation CRM software is designed with improved functionalities.

They provide add-on microservices that lead to rapid business transformation.

With the smart and enriched technology companies can now meet the challenges of the evolving IT landscape. This is a combined SAP solution that triggers business transformation.

A seamless platform with five interlinked clouds helps unify business activities, align services and simultaneously, considers varied customer preferences.

You no longer have to rely on traditional CRM software that offers you limited functionalities. With C/4HANA, switch to an upgraded software that offers the best CRM experience.


SAP CRM solution can empower your business to read your customers, examine their purchase behavior, and offer custom-built services to suffice customer needs.

Experienced tech experts can guide you through the advantages and implementation process of this SAP solution. A SAP partner can assist you correctly about how to make the most of this solution based on the nature of your business and customers.


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