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Create Significant Product Category Page For Your eCommerce Store 


Create product category for ecommerce store. 

The category page, one of the most precious pages for any eCommerce store. This is the path for your customer who takes them to your store’s paradise i.e. on your product page. Keeping up with the trends of the product page results in the best sales of your product. 

From the past few years, we have seen eCommerce has evolved and made its service faster. Quick product recommendation based on user’s behavior, seamless checkout under one minute and then one of the most important things The Navigation Bar. it makes it a lot easier for customers to land on a specific page. 

Everything is aligned with each other properly and removes friction from the customer’s path. Everything is perfectly balanced as it should be. Although people are also spending time in your store, there is still something missing but hiding in plain sight. 

Though, if you are still wondering then let us tell you that we are talking about the design of the product page. There’s no doubt that you have created a product page but the journey doesn’t end here. You have to create a hymn of design throughout the entire product pages.

Product category is the first thing your customer notices in your store. If you fail to impress them then you might see the drawback in your product sales and ROI. Moreover, your store rating will also be affected by this and you will end up losing your higher rank on the search engine.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you with some practices and give you some ideas about how you are going to design your product page according to new trends and your unique mind.    

Design Product Page For Your Customers  

In the context of the product category, it will bring most of your traffic to your store. Therefore, you make sure that these product category pages are for customers and not for you. It’s a tough question, how can someone know what customers want? Well, it can be done by knowing their behavior regarding design and what they like to see on the product page.

Design Product Page For Your Customers.

For instance, if you have a Shopify Themes Store and you are selling fashionable clothes on it for both genders then it’s a great opportunity for you to create something on a product page which your customers have never seen before. 

One of your major goals on the product page is not to sell a product or service but to build assuredness around your product and make your customers buy it themselves without receiving any type of force from you to buy it.

Appearance Of Your Page  

Your web-store is your real hero and every product page depends on it. If you already have decided how your homepage is going to look and which color font and visuals you use on the home page should exactly match with the rest of the product pages. 

In general, you will find out what we are trying to tell you. 

Make visuals clear, use the same color pattern, same image size and resolution, change the font size but don’t change the font style. All of these things matter with user experience and your page SEO. 

In eCommerce, you have to show the product in a row and every picture should align with one another perfect ratio and resolutions. You can also use 1 column per product where you showcase one product and it’s the description. You can use this pattern if you have an electronic gadgets shop.

Filtering Option         

People are busy nowadays. If they are on the product page and see a never-ending list of products then it will be difficult for them to search for the item they need. You probably think, wouldn’t the search bar help customers to find their product? Well, maybe but customers want shortcuts.

Filtering option For Your eCommerce Store 

That’s the reason why Filter comes in as a savior of an eCommerce store. Nevertheless, except for a few eCommerce stores, no one completely understands this feature’s ability. 

In these themes, you can find a filter option on the top of the page. This means your customers only see those products which they wanted to see. Conversely, if you do it in traditional ways then you can simply put it on the left top-side of the page. 

Personalizing Product 

As we’ve already talked a lot about personalizing content or product for customers. In fact, it is the best way to improve the user experience of your store. Customers do online shopping for what they need the most but the human mind can easily be attracted by more precious things when they see them. 

When you give your customers more to discover i.e. when you recommend your customers more products based on your taste and there’s too then they will never close your browser easily.

Personalizing products in eCommerce has grown on an extreme level. If you get enough data from your customers and their behavior then it will be easy for you to recommend your product. In this SaaS platform, the BigCommerce store will help you to understand your customer’s behavior.    

Summing Up 

In eCommerce, what’s new today becomes older tomorrow. You have to change accordingly when something new is introduced in eCommerce. Wither if it’s design, visuals, colors, themes or marketing strategy. All are temporary.

Your work as an eCommerce owner is to provide the best service to your customers. No matter how little things just keep an eye on everything and don’t dare to lose a single one. Because those little things help you to grow more in every aspect.  

If you have tried new ideas on your product page then do share with us because we love to hear it from you and therefore, new entrepreneurs can also learn from your experience too.

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Nikunj Radadiya is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas and helps eCommerce stores for branding on the Digital Platform.


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