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The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

For the longest of time Augmented Reality (AR) was considered to be a wild and futuristic concept, but with more and more advancements in technology AR has grown big. AR is all about creating a merged-view that augments the real world, it is imposing of computer-generated images over your actual physical environment.

Augmented reality app development is becoming a massive industry, from interactive map interaction and virtual showrooms for retail businesses to huge multiplayer games. Augmented reality app development is future of IOS and Android, with an increasing number of cool apps being introduced in the market.

The selection of AR apps available in the market is diverse and here we have come up with our top picks of best AR app available on IOS and Android.

BBC Civilizations AR

Education is one of the best uses of augmented reality, and apps like BBC Civilization AR are starting to pave the way for AR-oriented future. This app can be very thrilling for history buffs, as it allows users to admire several historical artifacts with the ability to locate, rotate and resize for a better experience. In addition, when you are starting to use this app, there is a very helpful tutorial that guides you through exploring an Egyptian mummy, while hearing about its history and having the option to see inside it with the X-ray function. BBC Civilization AR gives you over 30 historical gems to explore, admire and photograph while sitting in your living room.

Pokemon Go

This is the best example of augmented reality app development that went international very fast. A list of top AR apps would be incomplete without the mention of Pokemon Go – this was the game that captured everyone’s attention very fast. It also becomes a reason for people to actually go out into the real world, walk around and catch Pokemon.

The game marks your location using GPS and your in-game avatar moves as you move, while your mobile camera shows Pokemon within your real environment.

Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter proves that augmented reality app development has really found its place in every market. Ink Hunter helps you decide which tattoo design to go for and where to put it. You have the option to try out the pre-designed tattoos or test your own design. You can have the design altered in any position you like and place it on any part of your body.

Testing how different tattoos look on your body using Ink Hunter look as close to real life as it’s possible without actually getting the tattoo. This is all thanks to the way Ink Hunter work around tattoos and the in-app editor. Moreover, the latest update of Ink Hunter supports color tattoos, along with black and white tattoo like the previous versions. This gives you a better idea of how the tattoo will actually look if you go through with it.

Walla Me

A very unique concept, WallaMe augmented reality app, helps you leave secret message in different locations around the world which are only visible to other users of Walla Me app. Are you wondering how to use this app?

You take a picture of a wall, street or sign near you using the app and add your own message or touch to it through in-app drawing and painting tools. The app gives you the option to either make your message private so only your friends using the app can see or make it public. You also have the option to attach pictures to your chosen areas and have your prove of being there. However, the magic of AR becomes more evident when there is a hidden message and you can only see it using the Walla Me app.

Just a line

Big tech names like Google are having just as much fun with AR as independent developers. Just a Line is a good example of that, it’s a standout of Google’s AR experiments project. With a simple concept, it is a fun app and a great start for seeing the potential of AR. Once you open the app, it will take a minute to calibrate with your space and then you can draw and sketch whatever you want on your screen using your finger.

If you think you are done then just take a minute to admire the work you have done and you can even admire your work in 3D space. Just a Line is bringing tech and fun together, and you can change your result just by moving around.


Holo is the app that helps you bring the characters from fictional worlds that appeal to you into the real world, by dragging and dropping them into your actual surroundings. Holo calls this Holo-mixing. Every character, whether it’s a YouTube celebrity or a fictional character, performs few specific animations and make sounds when you place them into the world. You can also expand or shrunk them to make them fit as you want.

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