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Turning WordPress into a Cash Cow


WordPress is currently the top platform for web development and management, which is why a lot of entrepreneurs and website enthusiasts turn to it for help. Some people make websites just for the heck of it. Then there are those who use them to generate a little extra income on the side. Luckily, WordPress is a great platform, especially when it comes to making money. Here are some of the best ways to make money through a WordPress website.

Monetize Content

One of the easiest ways to monetize a WordPress website is through the content itself.  Website owners can participate in affiliate marketing programs where they get paid to write a promotional piece about a product or service. The most common case is by writing reviews for goods and services.

Alternatively, website owners can make money from their content using ad programs. Google AdSense is one of the top platforms for pay-per-click marketing.

This is how it works:

The website owner gets a share of the revenue whenever a visitor clicks on an ad on the website.

Sell Products/Services

It’s easy to create an ecommerce website through WordPress. In fact, there is a pricing plan that is specifically made for small and big businesses. WordPress’s Business ( $300 per year ) and eCommerce plans come with everything a business needs to run an online shop. This includes online payment integration, shipping access, and a whole suite of ecommerce marketing tools.

Selling products and services online is one of the most basic ways to make money from a WordPress website. Some great examples of ecommerce websites made with WordPress include Adoboloco, Humoresque Cartoons, and House of Whisky. A lot of small business owners already use a WordPress built site as well.

Create a Paid Membership Website

Forums and even blogs can make a ton of money through premium membership offers.

Here’s the thing:

The website’s visitors get access to a lot of the content on the website. However, if they want access to EVERYTHING that’s on the website, they’ll have to pay a subscription fee to become a member. It’s a simple and effective way of making money.

Using certain plugins, WordPress users can create a membership program for their website. One of the top plugins currently is MemberPress. This allows users to restrict content behind a paywall. It also allows users to set up a payment plan through various methods such as PayPal and online banking.

Accept Donations

Websites that have a huge following could use their platform to ask for donations from their loyal visitors. The key is to let the visitors understand that running a website takes time and resources. So any form of donations is a welcome gift. Of course, website owners should reciprocate their visitors’ support with better content.

These are just some of the simple ways to monetize WordPress. Website owners should expand their horizons further to see what else they can do to maximize their website’s profit earning capabilities.


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