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Augmented Reality

Augmented and Extended Reality: The Differences

Even techies get tripped up sorting through the differences between virtual, mixed, augmented, and extended realities. This guide should offer some help.

6 Benefits of Augmented Reality in the Healthcare Industry

Augmented Reality is the enhanced technological concept created to inlay the digital information on a device. It incorporates digital information with the user's environment...

Why Augmented Reality Is Considered To Be A Futuristic Technology

The immersive technology of Augmented Reality has ignited our imagination to new heights. The futuristic possibilities of this technology, on the one hand, serve...

Understanding AR & VR and The App Development

Believe it or not, Augmented Reality (AR) will become one of the key mobile app development technologies in the future. Apps can now be...

The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

For the longest of time Augmented Reality (AR) was considered to be a wild and futuristic concept, but with more and more advancements in...

The Role Of AR And VR In The World Of Mental Health

Some may not believe that app development companies will play a major role in the world of mental health going forward. Others are already...

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