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Why Your Online Events Management Software Must Integrate With Your Business Systems


For event management Dubai company that uses an online events management software solution as an application to manage the planning of any event, no matter how complex or large it is, it is extremely important that it integrates with your business systems. The main reason for this is to ensure you have a seamless process so your finance, procurement, CRM, and HR systems are all working in sync with your event management software.

It is equally important that an event manager has access to the most up to date and accurate information at any one time. It can be very frustrating if one system has a different set of data to the next. Many event software authors provide a solution to this as the software provides a full end to end package so event managers can view and analyze information from just one source of data.

There are a number of advantages to integrating your online event management software with your office systems. These are detailed in more detail below:

Integrating your event management software into your business systems also means that when a delegate visits your microsite and pays to attend an event, this secure payment is automatically sent to your finance system, as well as updating customer records and credit control records. This process ensures nothing gets duplicated, avoids errors being made and reduces times spent updating numerous systems with the same data.

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Ease of Use

Office systems such as Excel, Word, and Outlook are used by the majority of companies. As technology is continuing to evolve, the use of IT in the workplace is becoming a vital necessity. Inevitably employees have become very comfortable and confident in using the more popular programs from Microsoft. Since many event solutions integrate your event management software with Microsoft Office packages, staff are automatically less resistant to change and have the ability to start using the solution as soon as possible with minimal training required.

Access to Accurate Finance Information

By incorporating your online event management software package with your financial systems, management of your finances becomes much easier. If payment is required by a delegate to attend an event, payment details can be passed seamlessly between the two systems, working in sync with each other.

Payment is secure and pain-free for both you and your delegates. Invoices are generated automatically and the payment details are automatically updated as soon as a delegate pays which saves the embarrassment of sending reminder letters to those delegates that have already paid.

Event software solutions should offer a suite of reports to check payment histories and outstanding debtors, allowing you to see who pays on time and who is consistently late.

Communicating with Delegates

Online event management software gives you the ability to get closer to your delegates. Integrating your event solution with CRM platforms allows you to gain a 100% view of your delegates. Working in an efficient and effective manner you have the option to analyze delegate data such as what events do they attend? What communication has been made with the delegate?

Having an integrated online Top Event Management company in UAE makes the planning, management, and analysis of your events far easier and far more cost-effective.

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