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Why Using Google is a Bad Idea – What You Should Know


When I search engine has over 5 billion searches completed every day, you might assume that it is safe to use. Many people complete most, if not all of their online searches by using Google. The search engine has been around for over 20 years and now offers a variety of different services including flights, maps, image results, and more. Sounds great, right?

You’d be shocked to learn about a lot of the bad practices that Google uses without its users even knowing. Today we’re going to talk about why are using Google is a bad idea and what you need to know about the most popular search engine on the planet to keep you and your family safe.

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Google Collects Your Data

One of the biggest flaws when it comes to Google is that they collect your data. In this article, we will talk about the different types of data and information about you that the search engine stores. Simply searching for something as simple as “bars near me”, will lead Google to collect your location and the fact that you enjoy going to bars.

It can also keep the data of your personal information such as phone number or address when using an online check out that is powered by Google. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a search engine keeping information about me and using it to their advantage.

To avoid this, you can use a privacy-oriented search engine alternative that won’t collect your data. Let’s talk about how they can use this information to track you.

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 You Might Be Getting Tracked

Did you know that you are able to check your Google tracking activity? There you will find just about all of your locations you’ve visited, along with any search inquiries you’ve made. While the majority of people aren’t searching for anything too outlandish, no one likes for their location to be tracked.

Even if you’re simply going to work, the grocery store, or meeting a friend at the coffee shop, it is not right for a search engine to track where you were going and where you have been. A feature that iPhone users may notice after using Google maps a few times is that when they open the app to go home, Google will suggest your home address without you having to input it.

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Let’s Talk Advertisements

You might be wondering why a search engine would need to keep track of what you’re searching for. The main reason they do this is to target advertisements. The ads you see on Google and across several online platforms are curated just for you in hopes that you buy whatever is being advertised.

Let’s say you search for candles on Google. Later that day you might open Instagram or Facebook and see an ad for a popular candle store. Is this coincidence or is it Google using your search inquiries to its advantage?

This will also keep you from getting natural search results. Just like advertisements, your search results are curated just for you. This is why using a privacy-oriented search engine can be a great alternative. There you will see natural search results without any curated nonsense.

Another reason that using Google is a bad idea is that there are certain things that you really shouldn’t use the search engine to look up. This ties in quite a bit into targeted advertisements. If you search for something as simple as “easy ways to lose weight”, you’re going to begin seeing advertisements for weight loss products.

As you read earlier, you’ll also want to avoid searching for anything that tells Google your location. But what should you do if you need to find a specific type of store near you?  Let’s talk about a few popular alternatives to Google.

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If you’re wanting fast results without the hassle, DuckduckGo is a great option. There you will be able to search for just about anything like you would on Google. When you use this search engine you won’t have to worry about getting tracked or your search history being used for advertisements towards you.

A rather new search engine that will keep your information safe and secure is Hot. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, Hot will provide you with the results you need. This is an amazing option that people who have already used it seem to enjoy.


Last but not least, there is Hotbot. This is one of the best search engines out there if you’re wanting a variety of results without needing to compromise your online security. When using Hotbot you will receive safe and secure search results from popular search engines such as Google, Alltheweb, and more. If you like getting as many results as possible, check this one out.

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It Gets Abused

The last reason why using Google is a bad idea is that it often gets abused. By this we mean people often use Google for unnecessary things. Have you ever been sick and googled your symptoms? Chances are it has led you to pages that have described serious illness and diseases simply by searching for “stuffy nose”.

This cannot only create anxiety, but it can put you on a Google spree where you search several more things in relation to your initial search, this gives Google more and more information on you. Avoid it if you can!


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