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How to build an on-demand app like Uber? Analysis on technology and features used in the app


How to build an on-demand app like Uber

When a business succeeds big time, it’s normal for a few more companies to jump into the same pond. But what we are witnessing in the on-demand taxi app business is quite astounding. It’s not just companies within the transportation industry that are leaping onto the on-demand app business, but also companies from other industries are getting on-board. This summarizes why you should also think about starting your app business if you’re in an industry that is in demand of an app for smooth functioning.

I have listed a few things you should know to build an on-demand app like Uber:

Plan the structure

Before entering a new business sector, it is vital to have a plan to structure the functioning of significant players taking part in the business. In the case of an on-demand app business, the major players are the riders, drivers, and the admin.

Understand the requirements of each of these entities, and define the way your app should function. Once you have a clear idea regarding the functioning of your app, it becomes easy to develop the app.

Decide on the technologies to be used

For an on-demand taxi app like Uber, technology plays a significant role as the app mainly relies on map integration, payment integration, and identification of device location.

Functions with their iOS and Android counterpart:

Identification of device location:

Android – Google Location Service APIs

iOS – CoreLocation Framework

Map integration:

Android – Google Maps

iOS – Google Maps

Payment integration:

Android – Braintree, Stripe PayPal’s SDK Google Wallet

iOS – Braintree, Stripe PayPal’s SDK Apple Pay

Push notifications & Management:

Android – Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Twilio, Nexto, Plivo, Sinch

iOS – Apple Push Notifications Service (APN) Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, Sinch

Go for the technology that suits your business. Ensure you make use of the most advanced technologies. It helps you avoid the hassle of updating the app quite often, saving you money and effort.

Understand how the fare calculation works

The most crucial part of an on-demand taxi app business is the fare calculation. Follow the same method as Uber to arrive at an estimated fare. Three factors that constitute the fare calculation are:

Booking fee:

It is a flat fee that is included for every ride.

Base fare:

It is calculated based on the time and distance of the trip.

Dynamic costs:

These are variable costs that are included during specific times, such as peak business hours of the day.

Essential features for the riders

To ensure the seamless functioning of the app, and to provide customers with the features they require, I have listed a few features that are a must for an on-demand taxi app.


The user should have multiple options to sign up, such as their mail ID, social media, and phone number.

Taxi booking:

The user should enter their pick up and drop locations to book the cab.

Booking confirmation:

As the user enters their trip details, he/she should be provided with a list of cabs from which he/she can choose based on the fare and facilities provided. Once selected, he/she can confirm the booking.

Ride cancellation:

The user should have the option to cancel the cab, within a specified time.

Tracking the driver:

Once the driver accepts a booking request, he/she should be able to view the movement of the driver. He/she should also be provided with the driver details such as the name, photo, and vehicle number.

Push notifications:

The user should be kept informed about the trip status.

Payment integration:

Multiple payment gateways are to be integrated to enable secure payments at the end of the trip.

Rating the driver:

The user should be provided the ability to rate and review the driver’s behavior and the overall trip experience.

Travel history:

Users should be able to view all their trip details in the past.

Customer support:

Provide 24/7 customer support.

Along with these basic features, you can also have advanced features such as ridesharing, panic button, discounts, etc. to let the users have an excellent ride experience.

Essential features for the drivers

Drivers are the key stakeholders in an app like Uber. Giving them an enriched experience while using the app should be the top priority. Below, I have listed a few functionalities to build an Uber-like app:

Driver profile:

The driver should be able to verify his profile and share his information.

Trip alert:

The driver should be notified about the rides nearby. He/she should be given the privilege to accept or deny the ride.

Push notifications:

The driver should receive notifications right from booking till its completion.


The driver should be given access to call or message the rider.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports:

The driver should receive reports regularly on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Key functions for the admin

Admin plays a vital role in managing the business effectively, and he/she should have the following key features to handle the users and drivers:

  • Order management
  • Location & fare management
  • Driver management
  • User management
  • Vehicle management
  • Rating and review management
  • Support management

Bottom line

There is a list of features for users, drivers, and admins that an app should include for seamless functioning. Remember, it’s not necessary to develop the app from scratch. Many app development companies have ready-made Uber clone apps that can be customized as per your business requirements. These white label apps offer personalization and aid in reducing costs and effort.

If you want to step into the on-demand taxi app business in the shortest time possible, then Uber clone app is for you!

Author Bio:

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth hacker and marketer for Appdupe – taxi app development company focused on providing ready-made app solutions. She loves to find new business ideas and helps startup entrepreneurs with business consultation. She has a specialty in writing about startup ideas, feasible business recommendations, etc.


  1. Really interesting blog I have gone through. There are superb subtleties you posted here. Sometimes it is not so easy to design and develop an On-demand clone app without custom knowledge, here you need proper development skills and experience. Be that as it may, the subtleties you notice here would be especially useful for the beginner.


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