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Why do You Experience Sudden Episodes of Blurred Vision?


Common Reasons Behind Blurred Vision

Have you ever experienced sudden brief moments of blurred vision? Do you often find yourself blinking too much or splashing water in your eyes to get a clearer vision? If yes, then you must have figured it out by now that you need to see an optometrist in Calgary to find out about your vision problem or to check whether this an indicator to some other health problems.

Any kind of eye emergency should not be taken lightly as eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Problems like blurry vision can be dealt at home as they are very common. However, if the problem persists for a longer time, you should consult with your doctor right away.

Common Reasons Behind Blurred Vision

1. Eye Strain

Continuously focusing on a digital device like mobile or laptop can lead to eye strain. Activities like reading or driving also involve a lot of concentration, therefore, leading to pressure on eyes. Blue light glasses can help reducing eye strain by blocking the harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens.

2. Diabetes

High blood sugar levels can tamper the lenses of eyes leading to blurred vision. If not given enough care, in extreme cases, it can also lead to a permanent loss of vision.

3. Conjunctivitis

Also called pink eye, it is an infection or allergy which causes irritation to the conjunctiva. Contagious in nature, conjunctivitis can be treated at home with a warm compress.

4. Migraine

Migraine headaches can be a big cause of blurry vision. The pain worsens with even a little light or sound. A blurred vision is often accompanied by temporary vision loss, blind spots and seeing flashing lights.

5. Wrong Pair of Glasses

Sometimes, when you think that you’ve saved a lot of money by buying your prescription glasses at a nominal price, those glasses do not give enough protection to your eyes. In complicated prescriptions, cheap low-quality glasses do not work well which makes vision health poorer.

6. Stroke

One of the primary symptoms of having a stroke is when you start having a blurry or a double vision. This happens when a part of the brain stops working and affects the nerve responsible for vision. There can be various causes of a stroke but if you ever experience weakness, numbness, vision loss and trouble speaking, without wasting a minute you should call emergency services.

Eye health is not a petty issue and should be taken seriously. There could be innumerable issues behind blurred vision but they can be avoided with regular full-body health check-ups. Getting your eye tested is also essential as it determines whether the power of the lenses has changed or not.

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