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Common Free VPN Myths Dew VPN Proves To Be Wrong


Research-proven fact that a majority of free VPN providers

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There are two categories of service of virtual private networks (VPN): paid and free. Both categories consist of numerous providers with their own brand image. The paid ones mostly garner positive feedback on a consistent basis, while the free ones have built a lesser pleasing reputation to the general public, despite being a popular option because they charge nothing.

It is a research-proven fact that a majority of free VPN providers have tainted the image of free VPN services. However, among all the reasons not to trust your connection security with a free service, there is a new provider that emerged to prove them all wrong: Dew VPN. Dew VPN is a free provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, fast speed, and global secured access.

When it comes to your cyber security, free VPN or not, knowing the facts are important. Dew VPN may be new, but they are here to change the perception on free VPNs. In this article, you will learn about the common myths about free VPN and how Dew VPN proves them wrong.

Myth: Free VPNs use insidious means to earn money and are not really “free”

A VPNs purpose is to provide users with privacy, anonymity, and security. One of the features that they employ is having multiple servers across different locations. This feature costs money to purchase and maintain, that’s why tech bloggers and experts do not believe that a true VPN exists.

Aside from server spending, there have also been a lot of VPNs that got caught logging the data of their users and selling them for sums of money to make income and support their development and maintenance. This is illegal and is punishable by law. Another thing to consider is employee salary, which in some cases costs greater than the development and maintenance of the VPN itself.

Dew VPN: free forever

Dew VPN is transparent when it comes to their income earning methods. They gain profit by offering the same consistent service that they offer to the general public, non-commercial users to commercial and private businesses. That is how they pay for their expenses, by giving consumers the freedom to choose which option they prefer. This is why they are a forever free VPN.

They also don’t log user data. Their zero-log policy is strict and for verification, you may read their terms and conditions before formally subscribing to their services.

Myth: Free VPNs have terrible security

A portion of internet consumers who want to use VPNs are merely for occasional reasons such as using public wi-fi. For that, a free VPN is suitable enough. But for day-to-day use like for companies, there have been worries about using free VPNs because they think that free services equate to weaker security than paid providers.

Dew VPN: High-caliber security

With Dew VPN, you can enjoy secured internet access for no charge at all. They employ military-grade encryption that is virtually uncrackable. They also protect users from all kinds of ‘leaks’ that can happen such as DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks, and WebRTC leaks. IP masking is also as effective as any provider with the use of split-tunneling.

Myth: Free VPNs can’t unblock banned or censored websites

With some connections and in some locations such as China, they censor and prohibit access to specific websites. This makes traveling to such places a little difficult because you don’t have access to certain sites. A VPN unblocks geo-restricted and censored content to grant you access to the use of IP masking features. Some free VPNs cannot do this.

Dew VPN: Grants access to any content, anywhere.

Dew VPN has the ability to unblock any geo-restricted content with the power of hundreds of their own servers in 50 different locations around the world. This makes it an easy go-to travel VPN option, as it is free of charge and can help you ease downtime with unrestricted access to Netflix or Twitter in case they are banned from your itinerary.


Dew VPN is here to change the image of free VPN service that the public has been used to. They’re free, they don’t cheat their users, and they have unlimited everything (bandwidth, server switching, and speed) and your online information and activity are safe with them. Give it a try so you can experience it for yourself.

Author’s Bio:

Edwin Deponte - motivational writer who loves to travel.

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who loves to travel around the world. Also a digital nomad, he finds it hard to access the world wide web on countries with strict Internet censorship; hence, he studied the ins and outs of VPN connections. Having been hooked to this, he continues to write about the topic to help users and other digital nomads worldwide that experience the same problems.


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