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What Gartner’s Top Tech Trends for 2019 mean for Education?


Top Tech Trends

Gartner! A leading research and advisory company always took care of its client companies and provided them with best solutions possible. The solutions that helped the companies in becoming best source of productivity for tomorrow.

How Gartner shaped the future of education?

One must be wondering, what is the connection between an Advisory and Research Company with education? Well! There is a strong link between them. Education is study of new concepts that human mind develop through research. And how to use these researches is job of an Advisory company. Similarly, new innovations have come on board and Gartner is helping the education systems to absorb them.

How these innovations will help education system?

The main consumer of education system is student, who is getting use to of new technologies on daily basis. Meaning, it’s now compulsory for educational bodies to get equipped with new trends and methodologies to get attention of their main consumers!

Gartner, mentioned few trends which will help the educational system to get maximum responses from their consumers i.e. students. These trends comprises of;

1.  Learning with intelligent autonomous machines:

The era of AI bought many surprises to the technology world, from them one is intelligent autonomous machines; which comprise of drones, autonomous machines and robots. Robotics and drones are already serving markets but to bring them in schools open doors for more creativity. To learn something through artificial intelligence, will make student to absorb it more clearly as it expands the vision of the student.

2.  Got stuck with data? Augmented Analytics has come to rescue:

To interpret huge data pool is always a headache for lecturers, professors and teachers! No matter how many students one have, it is always challenging to get done with all of their evaluation within small span of time. This evaluation is important as it guides the mentors to take necessary steps to increase productivity of their students. To cater this need, industry has come up with augmented analysis, which comprises of student assessment designs to help in evaluation of student performances.

3.  Unable give lecture today? Get on the Digital Twin!

Sometimes, mentors are unable to be on place where they have to give lectures. So, instead getting worried, why don’t use their counterpart i.e. “Digital Twin”. Digital Twin is the concept where people can represent themselves digitally through different technology means. This can help in teaching students as well as training employees. This phenomenon can be used by teachers to increase their and student productivity through digital twin.

4.  Want to know student response? Avail Edge Computing!

It is very important for to know the understanding of students about a concept. But it is very difficult to evaluate through their postures and gestures as today’s student is smart. To evaluate their understanding Edge Computing can be used. By putting sensors in educational tools teachers can observe students responses and can work on it. Another vital function if Edge Computing is that it process and store data and reduces latencies. That help educational institute to practice speed in delivering notes and books to employees and students. This trend is very popular in assignment writing services as it becomes convenient for users to do more in limited time span.

5.  Want to have in class experiences? Immersive Technologies are your way to go!

In explaining complicated concepts, it becomes very difficult to show students real things, For example; explaining a neuron system to students. HND Assignment help suggests that it is important for today’s student to understand every concept as world is changing with rapid speed. This can be done through use of immersive technologies, as by using mixed realities, AR and VR tools classroom learning can be made experimental and fun.

6.  Tired with updating so many records? Let Block chain handle it!

It is very difficult to maintain and update records. So many students contain so much data like their study record, fee record, attendance records etc. and if system is down then it becomes impossible to update in an instant. To solve this issue one can use Block chain; which is a digital ledger to save all transactions and records.

7. You don’t need a physical space to demonstrate the experiment! It’s time for Smart space!

Students are now technology addicts, the era of notebook and paper is about to end soon. This means to interest them, teaching techniques should be shifted to tech based tools. It is the future of education that tech tools will take over the system and even student can be educated virtually which is already in practiced now. But smart space is what educationist is looking forward to.

Isn’t future interesting?

To experience all above trends is going to be so much interesting and fun. Old generations had limited accessibility to the concepts and experiments. But by using the 2019 trends, new generations will become sharp, smart and intelligent. These suggestions by Gartner will change the educational approach and smooth out the systems.
1Autonomous MachinesDifferent autonomous machines will help the students to learn more effectively through their AI features and technologies.
2Augmented AnalyticsIt helps in evaluation of student performances through student assessment designs.
3Digital TwinIt helps in produce a virtual body of a object or person; which then help in communicating the main things with the viewer.
4Edge ComputingIt is phenomenon to decrease computing litanies and increase productivity. Edge computing can be used to record student understanding through sensor fitted in educational tools.
5Immersive TechnologiesBringing AR, VR and mixed technologies to classrooms to teach in a fun and long lasting way.
6BlockchainIt is a digital ledger which handles all your records and transactions.
7Smart SpaceYou don’t need a physical space to teach but smart space to influence the student.

Conclusion: It’s an era of New Generation:

Today’s student is surrounded by technology on every step, so it has become vital to introduce them the world of education in a technological way and this can only be done by practicing new trends.


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