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Top 7 Social media platforms that can give you a lot of customers



The top social media platforms have been in plenty of movement in the last decade.

We already have Facebook that dominates the social media platforms, but besides facebook we recently got TikTok

It has the fastest growth among any social media platform, by the way, TikTok has come into action only five years ago.

On the other hand, Instagram has faced immense growth and it is ranked number four position in monthly active users (MAU).

By this, it means that there are brands who want to reach the audiences, as the social media platform is growing.

Select the right channels for your audiences. The best thing to do is to test a presence on the applicable social media platforms.

You must be aware of social media strategy as it will help to choose the one that is potentially risky.

Let’s get started.


Base: Menlo Park, CA

Put to sea: 2004

MAU: 2.7 billion

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum

Income: 86 billion

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, but it’s not just for individuals.

There are 65 million businesses on Facebook business pages and six million businesses taking advantage of Facebook advertising.

Facebook is considered a safe bet for a business to boost sales with social media marketing.

Whatever your business is about, be it men’s clothing or skydiving equipment, Facebook is the place to look for.


Base: San Bruno, California

Put to sea: 2005

MAU: 2 billion

Founder: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim

Income: 19.8 billion

After Facebook comes Youtube the second largest social media platform with 2 billion users watching videos for 1 billion hours every day.

Youtube is a platform that is filled with quality content from independent inventors and from brands that use the platform for bonding with customers

Youtube is considered the second widest search engine after its parent company Google. You can also grow your business through YouTube advertising with the help of a social media coordinator.


Base: Menlo Park, California

Put to sea: 2009

MAU: 2 billion

Founder: Jan Koum, Brian Acton

Income: 5billion

Watsapp is a texting application owned by Facebook.

It originally allowed users to communicate with their families and friends, but today the scenario has changed.

It now offers business opportunities, with its own committed Whatsapp business app.

This social media platform helps users to set a business profile on the business app Watsapp has, that lets them provide customer support.

The users can also communicate with customers and send them details about their purchases.

Watsapp also gives you the opportunity to open a business API, once you start


Base: Menlo Park, CA

put to sea: 2010

MAU: 1.16 billion

Founder: Mike Krieger, Kevin Systrom.

Income: 6.8 billion

Instagram as well is owned by Facebook as a multimedia social media platform. Instagram was noticed first for its amazing photo filters, but now it’s much more than that.

Now it has Instagram stories, IGTV, Instagram live, these features were introduced to take on Youtube.

Instagram, like other social media, also offers business opportunities. If you are thinking about social media marketing plan then Instagram is an effective platform.

Brands can set up and optimize an Instagram business profile to get started, which will provide a ton of dedicated business features.

Like Instagram insights and shopping.


Base: Culver City, California

Put to sea: 2016

MAU: 689 million

Founder: ByteDance Ltd, Zhang Yiming, Toutiao

Income: 35 billion

Social media platforms like Tik Tok are used to make short videos with catchy songs in the background.

It is popular in China and many countries in Asia, but its growth in the west is rapid and growing.

In 2018 Tik Tok was downloaded the most in America leaving Facebook, Instagram, and others behind.

It is extremely famous among teenagers

You can create business content in your Tik Tok profile by doing the same you would do with blog posts.

For example, do a video on ‘instagram marketing tips’ and see how fast your video gets known.

Owners of a business always look for tips and tricks in marketing, especially in social media platforms.


Base: Los Angeles, CA

Put to sea: 2011

MAU: 433 million

Founders: Daniel Smith, David Kravitz, Leo Noah Katz, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy.

Income: 911 million

Snapchat is multimedia texting social media platform.

Snapchat users communicate with each other through video snippets instead of texting.

Snapchat does provide a ton of tools to customize video messages like filters, stickers, etc.

Snapchat is also a good platform for business, it leads you to the customers who are interested in your brand.

You can target your consumers by their age, interest, or by the previous interactions you had with them.

There are brands on Snapchat that increase their sales.


Base: San Francisco, CA

Put to sea: 2010

MAU: 416 million

Founders: Paul Sciarra, Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp.

Income: 1,693 million

Pinterest is a social media platform that performs as a digital pinboard.

Virtual pinboards can be used to curate content in several forms like images, GIFs, links, and videos.

The easy thing that you can do is create your own pins and share them.

Pinterest is a place where people land to search for new things that will inspire them.

78% of Pinterest users commented that brand content is very helpful on this site.

So, include this social media site in your content marketing strategy.


In this article, there are 7 social media platforms mentioned that can give you a lot of customers.

Social media sites have always helped in big and small business, especially in the pandemic.

Almost all business owners use these platforms to promote their brand and attract customers in return.

All of the platforms mentioned above have one thing in common and that is they will help get your brand started.

If the article was of help, leave a comment down below.

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