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Top 3 Cloud Storages to Upload Your Files Safely Online


Cloud computing and cloud storage are becoming all too familiar terms nowadays. The majority of apps we use are supported by cloud computing on the back-end, which means that most of our photos and videos are directly saved in the cloud and we do not even think of it.

Due to these features, we now have instant access to our photos, videos, and everything we save online. We have almost entirely ditched those clunky external devices and freed up storage on our devices.

Dropbox launched the earliest cloud service back in 2007, and it was one of the first cloud storage services on the market. Even today, it is still possibly the world’s leading cloud storage with around 500,000,000 users. This service was primarily designed with the intention of helping people and businesses to collaborate more conveniently. With this platform, users can share files with each other and access the stored data on any device, as long as they have an internet connection Dropbox provides 2 GB of cloud storage.

Not everybody is a big Dropbox fan though, including me. In the past couple of years, they have undergone changes in which over 50,000,000 accounts were compromised. As luck would have it, some services deliver better security, efficiency, and reliability, and I am going to detail them here. Before listing the digital safe deposits, it is important to mention that you will need a fast and reliable internet service to upload and download your files from the following cloud services. So, if you are looking for a high-speed internet connection, simply follow the link and find some of the best internet services available in your area. In case you are unable to find your desired package, enter your zip code and street address on the website and it will display all the viable options within your region. Now, let us get down to the topic at hand:

1. pCloud

pCloud is comparatively new to the market. Launched in Switzerland in 2013, they have managed to get 7 million users from all over the world. My favorite part is the desktop app, which does not take up your computer’s space. Moreover, if you are planning to move your data from Dropbox to pCloud, it will not take more than a few clicks because the process is automated. The cherry on top of the sundae is the 20 GB of extra storage. Their basic free data quota is 10 GB, which you can increase to 20 GB with a few added steps.

2. Google Drive

If we go on popular choice, Google Drive is the first option for everyone as offers more space to store your files along with added features like Google sheets, Google Docs, and speech-to-text feature, which brings relief to any writer’s life. Initially, Google Drive gives 15GB storage, which can be used to store photos, documents, videos, or whatever you would like to keep safe. You can, however, level up and get 100GB free, by simply getting on level 4 in Google Local Guides. Google provides the service in which you have to review places where you have been to and then those reviews are added to Google Maps.

3. OneDrive

OneDrive is just another amazing cloud computing system designed by Microsoft and is an awesome Dropbox alternative. The basic plan comes with 5 GB of storage space. Moreover, the even better news is that Microsoft OneDrive comes with every Windows 10 program so that you do not even have to install anything. It is integrated and all Microsoft apps are already synced. Plus, the latest update comes with a selective syncing option so that not everything is synced including all the folders in your account.

Final Words

Cloud storage is very necessary nowadays. When we use multiple devices and are threatened with data loss from viruses and hackers, then these cloud storage service providers are a great solution. Dropbox is no longer the only option for cloud storage. So, give these services a try and I hope you find the solution that fits whatever challenges you are facing at the moment. This should go without saying, but everything mentioned above is of no use without a good internet connection. So, install a high-speed internet service so you can quickly upload and download files to your cloud safely. That is all for today, stay tuned for more interesting updates.


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