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The Animated Video Production Process in 7 steps


Animated Video Production Process

The animation process is a method of developing illusionary movements by employing still photos in 2-dimensional spaces. The process involves different backgrounds, characters with a storyboard in the vector graphic form. Generally, animated videos are developed through different software such as Photoshop, Adobe & Illustrator.

An animation production process may take days to weeks to complete but every project will have the following 7 fundamental steps –

1. Gather Data & information

Certain vital things must be borne in mind before starting with the animation production process. The framework or base of an excellent animated video requires an intensive study of the client’s project or brand.

This step involves thorough communication with the clients to gather information about their expectations for creating an appropriate animated video for them. Send out a comprehensive but creative brief to your client, in the form of a questionnaire, to your clients. It should encompass information that serves the purpose of the video, the company’s or product’s features, their target audience, etc.

Once the questionnaire is complete, you can connect with them through a call or meeting. This will allow you to delve deeper into your client’s requirements and understand their product and expectations from your video. This is the time where you will need to encourage a few script writers and directors to take part in your animated video production process.

2. Prepare a Theme and script

The theme and script are the spines of any motion picture. In this step, you will require the information and data collected in the previous step as a guideline added with your personal research to develop the script of your animated video.

The theme may vary based on your client’s project. It may be conversational, conceptual, driven by a character, or emotional.

Essentially, you need to create a foundation for the video. As soon as your client approves of your video, you can use the theme as the base to produce the most engaging script that spreads the pertinent message of your client’s product effectively.

For preparing the script for your animated video, check out the criterion below for effective and efficient work –

· Length –

Ideally, the average duration for any animated video should not be over 90 seconds and less than a minute. This means the script should have about 150 to 250 words for any video.

· Format –

Every story will belong to either of the 2 categories mentioned below –

  •     Problem-solving method – This method involves dealing with the common problems that your target audience faces. Once the problems have been dealt with, you can launch the video as a solution, emphasizing more on the advantages and characteristics of the animated video. Out of the 2 methods, this one is more preferred.
  •     Stand-alone theme method – This method is used if you are launching a completely brand new video to your audience. Simply start making the script based on the product and then slowly introduce its features & benefits.

3. Voice-over Recording

With the amazing narrative and an engaging message, your video animated video content is halfway done. All you require now is an appropriate voice that will deliver the message.

So, this step requires you to choose the best voice-over artist who will do justice to your animated video.

Take the theme, script, and the product of your client into consideration and find which voice artist best suits these aspects. In case you are a newbie in this industry and have no idea about the artists, you can take resort to certain social media platforms from where you will find the ideal voice-over artists for the video.

Some of the above-par options are Voicebunny & Voices. Fiverr is also an excellent, budget friendly option.

No matter which artist you choose, unless you get the correct chord with the artist, your audience will not be engaged or interested in your video. To reach the correct chord, the speed and tone must be perfect.

  • Speed –  This factor is extremely crucial. You must provide your viewers with sufficient time to grasp the message of the video and at the same time, you must ensure that the video does not bore them. So, do not go too fast or too slow.
  • Tone – The tone of your voice-over recording depends on the nature of your client’s product. If the product is critical and serious, the tone should be more authoritative & unbiased. Whereas, for a simple and exciting brand, you can have a fun-filled recording with your voice-over artist.

Once you have an artist with you, make sure he or she stresses the important keywords, follows the right pitch, and pauses at appropriate places.

4. Storyboard

The fourth step requires a connection between the narrative and visual with an engaging storyboard. A storyboard is a screenwise hand-drawn sketch of the script that portrays the actions and visuals of the video.

A storyboard allows the creator and the client to be aware of how the ultimate outcome of the video will be. It shows the animator how to produce different scenes using progression and transition in the video.

5. Style of the Animated Video

Always ask your client for a guideline on the basis of which the style of the video will be created. This is more like a coloured storyboard that essentially contains customized colourful images that give us a brief idea of how the video will look.

The visual style may involve a character design, text, background colours or icons, eye candy illustrations, etc.

Worth mentioning, this step is the most tedious and takes the maximum time. Apart from being time-consuming, this step involves utmost creativity.

6. Animation

Here comes the most important step you have been waiting for – ANIMATION! Here, animated videos start to take shape. Animators offer life’s illusion to the visual style produced in the previous step.

Additionally, the video is made in such a way so that it is well-timed with an engaging and attractive voice-over. Animation may require a lot of energy and time, hence it becomes extremely crucial to be patient and calm while you are on a project. Creativity should not be compromised at any cost!

7. Music

  • Now, let’s come to the best part, adding music to your animated video. An ideal soundtrack with sound effects that match the theme of your video will enhance the level of engagement. However, you can do 2 things when it comes to adding music. You can either employ a composer and develop an original number, if your client has a high budget or you can select a royalty-free soundtrack from trustworthy sources like Icons8, Melodyloops, AudioJungle, and many more.

This step of the entire animation production process is the most striking one that livens up your animation and gives the oomph factor to it. As soon as the soundtrack is added, the final video must be reviewed quite a number of times to see everything is in sync and ready to be set out to the world.


The animation process may appear to be very simple and straightforward but that is only true theoretically. Typically, an animated video production process requires tremendous creativity, time, energy, and most importantly, patience! It may take about 4 to 6 weeks to complete one animated video.

Additionally, there must be active coordination and collaboration between the client and the animated video creator for a successful and engaging video.

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