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Top 20 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers


Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

We live in an advanced digital era where effective communication plays a crucial role. Web development is one of the intriguing and fascinating fields that have revolutionised the world immensely. There are a plethora of job opportunities in the web development industry seeking professionals with a firm understanding of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. There are an array of online and classroom courses available in web development in order to gain command over web development skills. It is equally important to have a good understanding of interpersonal and communication skills in order to outshine the rest of the candidates during an interview process.

Let’s take a look at top 20 web developer unavoidable questions and answers you need to take into consideration

Q1. What do you make of a term pseudo-class?

Ans: It is basically a CSS technique. It is used when a particular element in CSS changes its state. Changing of state includes hovering of a mouse, various styles for visited or unvisited links are some of its examples.

Q2. What do you understand with Namespacing in JavaScript?

Ans: On professional grounds, it’s not considered as a fair practice for using JavaScript. At times, one has to use it on an emergency basis. Basically, the namespacing in javascript is registered with a unique name when a part of the code is being tied down.

Q3.  What is CORS?

Ans: CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing which plays a key role in enabling various resources on a web page from another domain which lies outside the original domain from which the actual request has emerged.

Q4. Main advantage of HTTP 2.0 over HTTP 1.1?

Ans: Some of the core advantages of HTTP 2.0 and HTTP 1.1 includes; headers compression, push notification, intelligent packet streaming management. Moreover, parallel loading of page elements over a single TCP connection as well as prioritization of request are its benefits too.

Q5. What important tag of HTML is extensively used for a multi-line input control?

Ans: “Textarea tag” is used for a multi-line input control.

Q6. Enlist down some of the new elements introduced in HTML5

Ans: Some of the quintessential elements of HTML 5 are;

<datalist> – it specified a list of options for input controls.

<keygen> – it is used to generate an encryption key.

<output> – this command defines the result of an expression.

Q7. What according to you are the most suitable ways for integration of 5 various stylesheets into a website?

Ans: The best way to do it is to use the Gulp HTML.

Q8. How is Canvas different from SVG?

Ans: in HTML 5 Canvas is extensively used to draw graphics with the essential help of JavaScript. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is extensively used for displaying the vector-based graphics on the web.

Q9. What is the value of a Canvas’s default border size?

Ans: As such, there is no default border size of a canvas. You can generally do it by using CSS software.

Q10. What are the core differences between null value and undefined value?

Ans: That value where a variable is declared however not been assigned a value is known as an undefined value. While the assignment value is a null value.

Q11. Explain pop-up boxes in JavaScript.

Ans: The major 3 pop-up boxed in JavaScript includes;

Alert which is used to display a message with an OK button.

Confirm is used to pop up a confirmation message window with the OK and Cancel button.

Prompt is used to pop up a dialogue box asking user input followed by confirmation buttons.

Q12. What are the basic Web development tools?

Ans: The basic web development tools include; GitHub, CodeKit, JS, CodePen, Grunt etc.

Q13. What is an ideal way of optimising the site’s loading time?

Ans: Some of an ideal way of optimising the site’s loading time includes should be implementing the caching as well as minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes. These coding languages are taught in BTech subjects under computer science department.

Q14. What do you know about HTTP/3?

Ans: It is the third generation HTTP which came into existence in the year 2019. HTTP 3 is known for its vibrant performance apart from new standards, reliable as well as secure connections.

Q15. What are the new APIs offered by HTML 5 standard?

Ans: The new API’s that are being offered by the HTML 5 includes; Media API, Text Track API, Application Cache API, Data transfer API, User Interaction, Command API, Constraint Validation API as well as History API.

Q16. What is the full form of DTD and what’s it meant for?

Ans: The full form of DTD is Document type definition. It is meant in order to frame the legal elements, structure as well as attributes of an XML document.

Q17. What is the most ideal way of including JavaScript into HTML?

Ans: The most ideal way is to use the inline event handlers or inline codes.

Q18. What is an appropriate way of referring to the CSS file in the web page?

Ans: The most appropriate for this is to <link> tag.  Make sure that you use it between <head></head>tag. For example <link href=”/css/mystyle.css” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet”/>

Q19. What are some of the core methods that support Restful Web Services?

Ans: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and HEAD are some of the core methods for restful web services.

Q20. How would you prevent XSS?

Ans: The best way to do it sanitizing the user input into the application.

Hopefully, this information has helped you with a comprehensive understanding of web development interview questions and answers. Your interpersonal skills should be vibrant enough so that your introduction in an interview smoothens your professional journey. Get your skills updated, learn web development skills utmost dedication, you are good to achieve promising heights.


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