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Top 10 Wireless Chargers for iPhone in 2021


Wireless chargers have evolved as a convenient, stress-free, and fun way to charge your devices. And thankfully, iPhones have graciously enveloped the technology; in fact, almost every iPhone, including the budgeted ones, supports it.

Another great benefit of its popularity is that we’ve got a wide variety of wireless charging options. Whether a stand, pad, tray, single, multi-device, there are endless possibilities. However, this also creates confusion; which wireless charger is best for your iPhone?

No worries, dear iPhone owner, I have you covered. Over the years, I have tested and explored a fair share of wireless chargers, and here are my top 10 picks just for you.

Things to note while buying a wireless charger

  • Power outage: Does it offer 5W, 10W, or 15W wireless charging? Notably, the W is directly proportional to the speed of induction, i.e., speed of charging. So, the higher it is, the better. However, all Qi-compatible iPhones accept only up to 7.5W (except iPhone 12 series, it can support higher W but only with MagSafe chargers)
  • Compatibility: There are multiple Qi-compatible devices out there, from smartphones, earbuds, to gaming controllers. And even if you don’t own those devices right now, you may be buying them sooner or later. So, it’s wiser to invest in a charger with broad compatibility.
  • Device protection: Overheating, surplus charging, irregular outage, etc., can be very harmful to the health of your device and battery. Thus checking the security certificates is a must.

Belkin BoostCharge – Dependable wireless charger plus stand

Belkin BoostCharge - Dependable wireless charger plus stand

A cleverly designed wireless charger that can wear many hats. BoostCharge offers fast charging whether the iPhone is placed vertically or horizontally.

Plus, its stable form factor makes it a handy stand for resting the device or consuming content hands-free. And thanks to its compact size and minimal finish, it matches perfectly with a work desk, bedside table, and more.

Another thoughtful addition is the LED light that is visible no matter the phone’s orientation. It will shine amber light if a foreign object is detected and white when the phone is aligned correctly.

Check it out on Amazon

MagSafe Charger – Best-suited for iPhone 12 series

MagSafe Charger - Best-suited for iPhone 12 series

Apple managed to stir the wireless charging market by introducing MagSafe. Its ability to stick and auto-align with your device is magnificent. Plus, it lends up to 15W fast charging speed for the first time in an iPhone.

However, these superpowers are limited to the iPhone 12 series. For older devices, it acts as a basic Qi-compatible charger and quite a good one at that. The compact size ensures that you can carry it everywhere you go.

And most importantly, it wears the badge of being an Apple product, which means great quality and secure, efficient charging.

Check it out on Apple’s website

Air Omni Lite – A six-in-one wonder

Air Omni Lite - A six-in-one wonder

Everything from its sophisticated textured look to its multi-device management, Air Omni is well thought of the product. It smartly integrates both wireless and wired charging, allowing you to juice up to six devices simultaneously.

I particularly love the Lightning to Type-C toggle. With just one tap, you can switch the connectors and dock the device of your choice, from iPhone to the Nintendo Switch console.

Along with an Apple-Certified Watch Module, USB-A, and USB-C sockets, it also offers two designated wireless charging areas for Qi-compatible smartphones and earbuds. On top of it all, it even boasts a small secret drawer complete with its very own LED!

Check it out on Pitaka’s website

Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad – Perfect for Apple lover

Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad - Perfect for Apple lover

Not just Apple certified this one an Apple-recommended wireless charger. As the name suggests, you can wirelessly charge up to two devices. Furthermore, it is precisely engineered to deliver a safe and efficient fast charge of up to 7.5W.

So, whether it is two iPhones, an Android device, or Airpods, mophie can happily embrace them all. What’s great, the pad also carries an extra USB-A port, so technically, you can charge three devices simultaneously.

Another added advantage is the sleek, smooth, and polished exterior. It will not just perfectly complement your devices but also look panache on your office/home desk.

Check it out on Apple’s website

Native Union Dock – Quirky leather wireless charger

Native Union Dock - Quirky leather wireless charger

Who says chargers have to be monotonous? Why can’t we have some eccentricity without compromising on quality? Well, as long as Native Union is in power, we can indeed have the best of both worlds.

The handcrafted Italian leather ensures that the exterior looks distinctly beautiful. And the inner coils promise to offer fast charging up to 7.5W (iPhone) and 10W (supported devices).

The optimal angle supports both landscape & portrait placement. Plus, a superior temperature control brings thermal protection and foreign object detection into the picture.

Check it out on Amazon

Anker PowerWave pad – Budgeted wireless pad for iPhone

Anker PowerWave pad - Budgeted wireless pad for iPhone

Anker is one of the most reliable and affordable brands in charging tech. And this disk-shaped pad will not disappoint you either. The soft, matte finish on the top and the rubbery grips at the bottom ensures that your phone doesn’t slip off.

And though the price point is lower, the charging power is top-notch, 7.5 W for iPhones. It even houses a tiny blue LED light that flashes when there is some issue with charging.

But the best advantage is that it can charge through cases upto 5 mm thick, so you don’t have to fumble with the cover over and over again.

Check it out on Amazon

ESR Lounge Stand – Fabric covered wireless charger

ESR Lounge Stand - Fabric covered wireless charger

ESR smartly packs everything that you might need from a great charger. A dual-coil design that charges in portrait and landscape orientation. LED indicator with three display modes to show charging status and alert when there is an issue.

There is also a non-slip base and ledge that ensures your phone’s safety throughout the session. The support legs are ergonomically designed to raise the phone to a comfortable angle.

And how can I miss the premium fabric that adorns the stand, giving it a tough, clean, and premium feel.

Check it out on Amazon

Courant Catch 3 – Charger-cum-accessory-tray

Courant Catch 3 - Charger-cum-accessory-tray

Not everyone needs a multi-device charging system; all they need is a multi-utility charging tray. And Courant Catch 3 is precisely that and more. Although it charges just one device simultaneously, it employs three coils to ensure fast charging and optimum placement.

And don’t even get me started over the looks. Courant partners with leading artisans to bring luxe to your desk or nightstand. The cherry on the top is that you can customize the tray section with a personalized monogram!

Now, I am not trying to oversell it, but it would certainly make for a worthy gift, wink*wink!

Check it out on Courant’s website

Razer Charging Pad – Specially crafted for gamers

Razer Charging Pad - Specially crafted for gamers

If you are a gamer or slightly techy, Razer would not be a new name for you. And this wireless charging pad stays true to their USP of gamers-oriented products. It pumps up to 10w of power to fast charge your devices.

Powered by 10 Chroma RGB LEDs, it throws out multiple colors and distinctive effects when a compatible device is charging. And all you have to do to tweak the colors or effects as per your liking is download the Razer Charger app.

The disc is covered with a soft rubber top that keeps scratches at bay while lending enough grip to avoid slips or falls.

Check it out on Amazon

Scosche BaseLynx – Customizable modular charging system

Scosche BaseLynx - Customizable modular charging system

A gem of a product for everyone who uses multiple devices. You can BYOB, i.e., build your own Baselynx by selecting a preferred module.

Socsche offers various modules from the wireless charging pad, Apple Watch module, vert charging station, dual-port end cap, and more. You can join, add, remove, reassemble the modules as per your whim.

And once connected, you just need a single power source to fuel them all. What’s great is that you build a custom pad with multiple wireless charging stations at your beck and call.

Check it out on Socshe’s website

So, which one will you pick?

What I love the most about wireless chargers is the freedom from cables. Something is satisfying about just placing my phone on a pad or stand and picking it up without worrying about pulling a cable.

For me, the choice is between the Pitaka Air Omni or mophie dual wireless charging pad, as I own multiple Apple devices and love keeping them handy and organized on my desk. What would be your pick?

Share your views and reviews in the comment section below. Also, if you have some queries regarding wireless charging, feel free to drop them; I would love to assist you.

Author Bio:

Arshmeet Hora – A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps at iGeeksBlog. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.


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