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Tired of Lockdown? Play Online Rummy & Earn Real Money in Real Time!


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We have no clue frankly how long this pandemic is going to last this year and most of us are probably sick and tired of being cooped up inside. So, how about learning something online that’s both skill-worthy and rewarding at the same time? You must have heard of a lot of online games during this lockdown that can offer considerable respite, but what we have for you today can help you win real money in real time! Play online rummy.

Online Rummy games are heating up the felts of rummy tables in India as online gaming portals are taking this time to woo rummy fans with new rummy games of various kinds and latching them with attractive rewards and real cash prizes. So, it’s time to ramp up your mood, play online rummy in India and enjoy some free winnings while at home.

Online Rummy Games to Lift you from Lockdown

New online rummy sites in India have come to the rescue of online players who are looking for stellar entertainment, nail-biting competition and win incredible prizes and real money winnings during lockdown. Trending online rummy sites in India also lay in exclusive bonus offers and exciting promotions where you can play online rummy for real money and double your profits and returns at once.

So, let’s take a look at the different kind of online rummy games that new rummy sites of the day are offering these days to rescue you from the quarantine spell.

Online Rummy Cash Games

Online rummy cash games are the fastest route to earn some quick money anytime during the day. They have no start/finish time and you can play online rummy for real money and leave the table any time you like. Most rummy sites feature three standard variants of this game- Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

  • Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the most popular and the fastest form of online rummy cash games since each game lasts only one deal. Typically played between 2-6 players, like the parent form, all players need to form valid sets and sequences and the player who makes valid declaration first among all wins the game. All losing players are scored points according to the value of their respective cards that are realized in terms of real money, the winner receives zero points.

  • Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is played with chips and require an entry fees. All players are allotted equal number of chips and the aim is to win all the chips of the opponents and the total entry fees of all players. New rummy sites typically feature this online rummy variant in 2 forms- Best of 2 Deals and Best of 3 Deals. Players who score the least number of points in the best of 2/3 games becomes the winner.

  • Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is an interesting variant where players are automatically eliminated on certain conditions. The basic rules of the game remain same, however, you can play online pool rummy of two kinds.

101 Pool Rummy & 201 Pool Rummy-

The idea behind this interesting division is that it is a points based game, so whenever any player receives 101 or 201 points during a game automatically gets eliminated and the player who survives till the end becomes the winner.

It is called Pool rummy as all players must enter a fixed entry fees that combines to form the overall prize pool. The winner receives the entire sum of money pooled in by the players.

All these three cash variants are excellent options for rummy fans to play online rummy for real money.

Besides online cash rummy games, players that are real good at playing online rummy can take part in a variety of tournaments hosted live online by new online rummy sites in India. We are about to introduce you to a trending online rummy site today that hosts online rummy games and tournaments of whopping stakes, making it the go to destination for you during the lockdown.

RummyBaazi (RB): An Innovative Launch of Baazi Games

RummyBaazi (RB) is a relatively new online rummy site in India launched under the parent company, Baazi Games (BG) that has taken the rummy world by storm with its impressive string of variable offerings in online rummy. From exciting cash games to top notch tournaments, you can soak it all on this single platform at once.

Here’s a highlight of some brand new tournaments and promo offers on RummyBaazi in the month of May.

  1. 1LAC Sunday Special

Rummy pros are up for a treat in the month of May for a second consecutive run with the 1LAC Sunday Special hosted live at 8PM every Sunday. Play this online rummy tournament for a buy-in of just INR 1000 and max your investment up to 1000 times!

  1. 3LAC Special Freeroll

Play online rummy tournament of the biggest guarantee ever of 3LAC by generating 500 coins or more on the cash tables of RB. The first 2000 players to earn 500 coins in the month shall get a free ticket to play for this Everest sized prize pool for free on 31st May at 9PM!

  1. 30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

Play this online rummy tournament every night at 9pm for a buy-in of just INR 300 using deposit code, “Daily30K”. This means you can play online rummy every day and take a shot at a monthly guarantee of over 9,00,000! To add to your returns, players may use the deposit amount to play as many cash games on RB and win more real money.

Simply download the RB app from RummyBaazi official website and pick a game of your choice and start winning real money every day!

Final Thoughts

Learning a new skill game seems to be the perfect lockdown recipe when you sprinkle real money winnings to them. So, what’s the wait? Hit the tables right away and play online rummy to earn real money in real time!

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