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The World’s top Logo Designing Agencies in USA!


Top five professional logo design companies in USA

There are logos around us. They are so connected with our lives that we are not always aware of their pervasiveness or significance. Basically, logos are what we purchase, what we utilize, what we use for clothing, and what we devour.  Logos are not only a simple picture or graphic but they are something more than that.

Logos are the complete description of a brand. Whenever we notice a familiar brand’s logo that triggers a feeling of excitement and emotional attachment for that brand. Logos are the identity of well renowned brands. One of the most important qualities of a logo is that it shows an acquaintance with the brand.

These are the reasons; logo designers and professional logo design agencies are the main support of the business world. Most companies need the services of logo design. The art of designing a good logo helps to start a new business and will assure its uniqueness from the outset. Initially some companies probably start with a single logo, reinvent, and make another, but often, the logo that has been designed initially visually defines their company for years to come. So, all the businesses and brands need logo design services before their startup or rebranding process.

Top five professional logo design companies in USA

The list of the top five professional logo design companies is given below. While some of these companies have specialized in logo creation for particular industries, they all share spectacular portfolios, outstanding standards, and perfect skills. Check them out for yourself!

1. Clay

Clay - full-service UX/UI design and branding company

Clay is a full-service UX/UI design and branding company based in the technology industry’s strength, San Francisco. Clay provides custom logo design services for tech firms and digital products alike. You can check out their flawless work and see the launderette list of tech company customers they have provided creative services for — names like Google, Facebook, and Slack, among others. Along with the importance of technological interfaces and digital products of business today, Clay’s skills are also necessary for the technology industry. With both UX/UI design and extensive branding proficiency, Clay can amalgamate new logos into the systemic, digital, information architecture of new brands. This information tells how Clay develops brands, and their high-quality track record proves it. No one is more expert at developing logos in today’s digitally-driven market than Clay creatively.

2. Red Antler

Brooklyn’s Red Antler - Modern logo designing agency

Brooklyn’s Red Antler is a modern logo designing agency. They specialize in creating logo design for consumer products. This means that their logo designs are on bottles, boxes, bags, books, and other tangible products. This kind of logo gives an artistic creativity and a skill for understanding how products should actually look. If you look at their work, you can understand their strategy. The logos are simple, evoke a slosh of coffee and are captivating. They perfectly utilize the modern, simple design and traditional designs to come up with something unique and stunning. The logo is not only innovative and appealing but also a right fit for your brand. Their unique approach towards logos is what sets them apart from other companies.

3. Moving Brands

Moving Brands - International logo design company

Moving Brands is an international logo design company. They take pride on working with a diverse portfolio of clients and was founded in 1998, the company has become a highly demanded creative agency, especially for global businesses and brands. Seven out of the ten most valuable firms in the world have worked with this agency on developing brands and their logos. They have also worked with many global brands from their very first day and seen those brands grow and develop all the way. This has earned them the respect of investors, small and big firms, especially the IT world. The agency is also socially conscious and refuses to work with any brand that they think creates victims such as brands involved in weapons, tobacco, unhealthy and hazardous products, it also doesn’t work with brands that cause harm to the environment.

4. Pentagram

Pentagram - Design firm and consulting agency

Pentagram is a design firm and consulting agency. IT is one of the world’s most well-respected logo designing firms. Pentagram is famous for 2 reasons. Number one is that the firm works across all industries and has an impressively large portfolio with a variety of companies and brands they’ve worked with. Be it transportation, entertainment, and even civic companies. They have worked for firms that manufacture digital and non-digital products. Every brand at some point in their life has come to Pentagram for their logo or consultation.  Their stunning and creative logo design speaks for themselves. Pentagram’s professionalism, depth, understanding and reach are truly unmatched as they have worked with every industry and created some of the most memorable logos.

5. Logozila

Logozila - design a logo or emblem that will complete your brand identity.

Logozila will design a logo or emblem that will complete your brand identity. In addition to your impressive business practices, you’ll stand out from the crowd with your unique logo. LOGOZILA’s designers adhere to modern design principles when designing logos for clients. Branding is important to your business, isn’t it? You can dream without worrying about pots of gold because we provide affordable logo design services. Logozila’s work ethics, out-of-the-box creativity, and philosophies are just a few of the reasons it’s an acclaimed logo design company in the USA.

Sum Up

Those who start a business know they need a logo, but they still have some questions about logos and the process. So, before you contact any of the firms for logo designing agencies inquire about how they work, make sure you know as much as possible. If you want these agencies to design your logo, you will have to pay a very hefty price as they’re very expensive but they are worth every penny. Your brand is unique and so are they. They will design something out of the world for your brand.

Author Bio:

James Smith is a professional blogger who loves to write about Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.



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