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5 Types of Content for Marketing your Rental Marketplace Platform


Marketing cannot exist without content and good content would be useless if it isn’t marketed well enough. 

I think most people can agree to the above statement. 

Content is very important for any marketing plan. The content speaks to your customers and explains to them what your business is about. 

So, in this blog post, you are going to find out the 5 different types of content that come under marketing. You can employ any one of them or all in your marketing strategies for your rental marketplace platform. 

If you also need any help with setting up your rental marketplace platform, you can customize the readymade marketplace platform to fit your business need. 

Social media content 

The social media influence the customer’s mind big time. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, more users are spending their ample amount of time, consuming information about other’s opinions and general news.

Marketing your rental marketplace platform would create awareness and also helps to reach more audience if you have introduced any offers or promo codes on your website. 

Normally, the predominant age groups who use social media are the 14 – 21 age of male and female.  So, try to create content that is fun, exciting, and gives a lot of energy to the audience. 

Here is an example of fun content posted by Airbnb on their Twitter handle 

Social media content

This kind of posts cause engagements and one of a subtle way to promote your brand and what you got to offer. 

Rent the Runaway, the famous online apparel rental website gives wise wisdom to their followers. 

Rent the Runaway

Email broadcasting

It is an old form of online marketing, that came to existence ever since the evolution of e-mails. E-mails give the opportunity to elaborately discuss your brand service and other offers you have introduced. 

In today’s trend, instead of using long boring paragraphs of text, most companies prefer using GIFs or a good picture to get fast user’s attention. 

Let’s look at an example of Uber of their simplistic and genius email marketing. It also has a clear CTA button and their message is just straightforward with no beating around the bush. 

Email broadcasting
Content for Marketing your Rental Marketplace Platform

Sharing user-generated content – reviews, tweets

Sharing user-generated content allows users to feel the pride and excitement of being recognized and makes them appear cool in social media. 

This also shows the gratitude of the brand to its customers. 

Here are the interesting tweets from customers that are retweeted by Uber.

Sharing user-generated content - reviews, tweets
Rental Marketplace Platform
Brand your platform through storytelling

These tweets definitely bring a smile to our faces when we go through the Twitter feeds.  

Brand your platform through storytelling 

We all love stories and get completely engrossed in it. Similarly branding your platform in the form of storytelling makes it easy for the audience to remember. 

Other than that storytelling helps the audience to increase their awareness of the platform and at the same time makes them attentive to listen and watch the message trying to convey. 

For instance, Airbnb advertised its platform in the form of a short story of their wonderful Host, Dan.

In this video, you can see their introduction of Airbnb Plus, a new feature in the form of a fun and engaging advertisement. Do watch. 


Advertisement plays a crucial role in making awareness of your marketplace service, new offers, and new information on the company’s business advances. 

You can advertise your product both online and offline. 

Through online, you can use social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, about your service. 

When you advertise your business online, make sure it has a clear click link and the message which conveys the goal of your advertising. 

For instance, Airbnb advertised its platform to the space owners, explaining very simple the benefit they would get. 

Rental Marketplace Platform

When it comes to offline advertisement, you can make use of billboards, radio, tv, and famous city walls for advertising. 

Here is a billboard advertisement by Airbnb. 

make use of billboards, radio, tv, and famous city walls for advertising.

Bottom Line 

I hope this blog post gave you an idea of how to use some viral or engaging content to good use. And how there are different types of content to market your rental marketplace platform. 

Sometimes the trends change according to where the end-customers spend their lot of time. But the way we express our content is still the same. 



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