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The Role Of AR And VR In The World Of Mental Health


Some may not believe that app development companies will play a major role in the world of mental health going forward. Others are already well aware of how these app development companies can help. The World Health Organization is already working tirelessly to help the hundreds of millions of people who are suffering from various mental health conditions.

So what role is going to be played by augmented reality and virtual reality in this regard? How can app development companies use these technologies to help those who are most in need? As it turns out, these questions are already being answered in a highly fascinating way.

Any additional treatments are welcome. Mental health is an under served field and there are a vast number of potential patients who simply do not have access to the necessary treatments. With virtual reality and augmented reality, app development companies now have the capability of catering to this target audience.

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There are already a number of studies supporting the use of these technologies when it comes to mental health treatment. For starters, virtual reality and augmented reality have already been used to treat certain phobias that patients experience. Exposure therapy is a common form of mental health treatment and these technologies are only serving to enhance it.

The assistance does not end there, though. Those who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder do not always have the chance to receive top shelf medical assistance. Augmented reality and virtual reality are changing the game. Psychotic disorders can now be treated more readily than ever before. This allows those who suffer from stress and anxiety to alleviate their symptoms before they are given a chance to potentially worsen.

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Virtual reality and augmented reality were once considered to be too costly when it came time to treat patients. Now that costs are dwindling and app development companies are heavily involved in the creation of helpful tools, these concerns have slowly begun to fall by the wayside. Mobile virtual reality headsets and affordable standalone technology that pertains to augmented reality is now more common than ever before.

With lower costs comes increased access to medical treatment. Essentially, these two forms of technology are serving to democratize mental health care. The playing field is now level, allowing patients from all backgrounds to make the purchases that they need. The more decentralization that app development companies participate in, the easier it becomes for a wider range of patients to benefit.

In a world where inequality has become a bigger topic of discussion, the level of access that patients have to mental health care has come under more scrutiny. Patients can now be exposed to the traumatic events that are at the root of their problems. This form of therapy is known as exposure therapy and has become more and more popular in recent years.

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Patients that once relied on outdated forms of psychotherapy or attempted to adjust their mental health conditions with the use of medication are now turning to AR and VR. These technologies are being used by more app development companies because they are proven to be effective. The modern patient is no longer looking to emulate strategies that were already proven to be hit or miss in the past.

Research clinics have already been in on this trend for some time now. A patient that is enduring post traumatic stress disorder will often struggle to describe their trauma to a medical professional. When augmented reality and virtual reality are relied upon, the patient does not experience relapses. Their long term gains are enhanced by the technologies.

That is because they do not need to imagine the traumas that they have already gone through. The machines do all of the work for them, allowing them to focus on their own wellness. Clinicians also benefit greatly, because they are able to collect information and analyze it more easily. The understanding of the brain is increased greatly.

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Once the clinician is able to develop a greater understanding of the brain, this enhances the level of treatment that can be provided. Prevention is also improved. Gone are the days when these clinicians would be left to wonder about the results of the patient’s treatment. With the help of mobile app developers, augmented reality and virtual reality, documenting all of the most crucial information has never been this easy.

Of all the patients in the world who are struggling from some form of mental illness, only a small fraction are actually able to receive the necessary treatment. Some estimates place this number as low as 35 percent! The ripple effects of these treatments are hard to ignore. The modern workforce is bolstered greatly by the presence of employees who are able to receive the mental health assistance they need.

Companies are only going to continue to expand their mental health related operations in the years to come. The world of app development is never going to be the same now that augmented reality and virtual reality are readily available. The high costs have been replaced by a level of accessibility that will only continue to improve.

It is safe to say that this is not a passing trend. By taking the time to examine mental health and the role that AR and VR will play, app developers can create mass market products that are designed to help a global audience. The possibilities are essentially limitless.


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