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The Reason Why SEO Friendly Website is Important?

A common question that is often asked by many beginners is – What is SEO and why is it essential in running a website?

Well, SEO or search engine optimization is the efforts put by web owners to make their websites visible to search engines and web visitors. It is done to make your website appear on the first page of Google or any other search engine when a targeted keyword is entered on the search bar. It eventually helps in driving organic traffic to their website to improve their online presence.


Importance of SEO on your website 

SEO marketing plays a significant role in today’s competitive market and that you should make it a top priority when developing your website. You should know that search engines serve millions of users per day giving them answers to what they are trying to look for online. Without them, it would be tough to find the website you are looking for Finding these websites means that their problems are half solved. Many visitors are likely to click the top 5 suggestions presented to them by search engines. To maximize your site visibility so that visitors click on your website, you need to appear on the first page of Google.


SEO doesn’t only concentrate on search engines; it also helps to improve the overall user experience when accessing your website since that is one of the ranking factors that search engines use to index websites.


Visitors always count on search engines for the right results; therefore, if your website appears on the first page, users will also trust your website. It increases your domain authority.


It is also a perfect way to promote your website since visitors are likely to share your website with social media pages if it appears on the first page of Yahoo or Google. They will share it on their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels.


SEO Services also make your website run flawlessly, with more than one author who can benefit from SEO directly or indirectly. Increased search engine traffic is one of the direct benefits of SEO, and the indirect benefits involve having a common framework to use before publishing content on the site.

SEO puts you ahead of the competition. You can cut through the completion of your website appears before other websites that deal with the same product as yours.


SEO Rankings and CTR 


Most search engines will pick the top 5 results, and SEO can help you achieve higher rankings and get more traffic. The mentioned explanation may look complicated to beginners, but with time they will soon catch up. In other words, SEO is a significant ingredient to push traffic into your website to make your website discoverable or increase site visibility. It puts it on topmost position on search engines.


When you enter a search term or keywords on the search box, the results displayed are brought back after undergoing a complex process called algorithms. The algorithm also means search engine ranking factors, where a search engine takes several factors into account before indexing your website. If you optimize your website effectively, it is likely to be picked by search engines and you will rank higher since it will rank high on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


There are three types of SEO: 

Technical SEO: This aspect of SEO ensures that the search engines can crawl your website for keywords to index your site without any problems.


Technical SEO 

It is the first stage in the SEO process. It is not related to the actual content of a website or with website promotion methods. It has everything to do with how you have configured your website. If you have configured your website right, the search engine crawlers will easily crawl your website but if you have not configured it right, they may lead to poor ranking. If you get it right for the first time, you won’t need to go back on it.


On-site SEO 

The phase is On-Page SEO that has to do with the content and other page elements. The content, in this case, gives the search engine crawlers enough signals to make them understand what your content is all about. The meaning is derived from the context of your content


Off-site SEO 


It is where you promote your website by building links. Although it is known as link building, it involves more promotions than backlinks.



As you’ve seen, SEO is a great way to make your site visible for improved site traffic. I have just covered the basics, but you can learn more about it on SEO marketing. If you employ the right strategy, you will get the right results, and that is the importance of search engine optimization. If you don’t know anything about it, you should seek the Best SEO Services to help you.




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