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The Impact of Technology on B2B Sales and Marketing


The proliferation and adoption of technology has hugely impacted both marketers and customers alike. The immerse experience that technology offers is incredibly rewarding and beneficial. Today, it is a fact that disruptive technological solutions has simplified the B2B sales and marketing industry.

Be it IOT, Mobile technology, technology based advertising, outreach through Social Media, Virtual Reality, Artificial intelligence or Augmented Reality, one thing is for sure that technology has become an inseparable part of our lives and of businesses too. Embracing it the right way and in the right form is beneficial for each marketer to enhance business and take it to the next level.

Here are a few examples of how technology can act as an enabler in various spheres of the B2B sales and marketing realm.

Technology and Customer Awareness:

With technological revolution, the B2B sales realm has changed drastically. It has now set new standards of reaching out to prospects with the help of technology. Conventional B2B Sales practices are now getting quickly replaced by more new-age practices such as social media campaigns and mobile technology.

In fact, the end-user, today, is very well aware of the technological advantage and it has impacted their online purchase patterns too. They would rather go by recommendations or finding out what your competitors are offering and the decisions are majorly based on deep research. The way technology has enabled B2B marketers, today it also has an impact on the customer before arriving at a buying decision.

Technology and User Experience:

A major change in the way customers now decide on buying any B2B Marketing service or product is hugely based on the user experience; at times, even more than the product or service itself. This change has made marketers roll up their sleeves to enhance the customer experience every which way they can.

IOT and Big Data:

Immersive technologies such as IOT and Big Data have become extremely crucial in B2B Sales and Marketing industry. Data is paramount to tracking the customer journey and to gain knowledge about your customers’ preferences, buying patterns and much more. Intent data for example gives a perfect insight into the mind of your customer. It allows you to mind-map the intent and inclination of your customer to help you with predictive analysis. This understanding always comes handy as there are more chances of success when you align your strategies around these insights.

IOT is the disruptive force that has changed the way people do business. Changing the way the information is being sought, collected and verified; IOT can also help analyse it. IOT helps marketers even change the way the product is being designed and offered to match up with the expectations of the customer. This further helps in enhancing the customer experience, building long term and fruitful relationships and developing customer loyalty over a longer period of time.


Technology has certainly impacted B2B sales and marketing industry and has also encouraged marketers to change the core strategies that align with the business objectives. Technological marvels are helping businesses with a quicker response time and allowing marketers to win over more customers in lesser time. Making the overall sales and marketing businesses more purpose-oriented; technology has given a definite direction to the B2B market.

Author Bio:

Madhavi Vaidya

Madhavi is a Creative Content Writer with 8+ years of experience in B2B industry. As an experienced content writer, her objective is to add value to businesses through her unique content writing skills. She aims to establish a linguistic bridge between technology and the business world with her love for the written word. Besides writing content, she loves to paint and cook!


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